News : First HSV test match: 8: 0 in Meiendorf – and a feast for Samperio

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First HSV test match: 8: 0 in Meiendorf - and a feast for Samperio

Khaled Narey will not be able to take the first goal of this HSV preparation as the wing-keeper scored the lead in Meiendorf 8-0 (2-0).

But no one will have enjoyed this first test of the HSV summer more than Jairo Samperio. Ten months after his horror injury in his right knee, the Spaniard made his comeback. He promptly scored a double. So the test for Jairo was a celebration.

Jairo can kick properly again, that will hang from this evening in the Flens Arena. "I am overjoyed to be able to play again," the attacker enthused afterwards. "That was not a league game but very special for me. I feel great gratitude. "

HSV against Meiendorf: Jairo Samperio celebrates a comeback after a long injury break

2600 fans had piled on the layout of the Oberliga club - and had to wait long for goals. After all, it took 22 minutes until Narey gave his new coach Dieter Hecking the first goal for his HSV premiere. Hunt increased just before the break (41.).

In the second round, Jairo's hour struck. Both cruciate ligaments and the right inner band he had torn at the end of August 2018, missed almost the entire season. Now he enjoyed every minute. After 53 minutes, he gave a taste of what is in it, met by left-footer to 3: 0, later (71) again. More than just normal test match goals for the 25-year-old. Wintzheimer (63./73.), Jatta (70.) and Dudziak (88.) made the final score.

So the HSV played against Meiendorf

Heuer Fernandes (46th Mickel) - Sakai (46th Gyamerah), Papadopoulos (46th Moritz), David (46th Van Drongelen), Vagnoman (46th Douglas Santos) - Young (46th Fine) - Hunt (46th Dudziak ), Kittel (46th Kinsombi) - Narey (46th Jairo), Wood (46th Jatta), Wintzheimer

This article was written by Simon Braasch

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