News : First-rate, shoddy runners and fake runners

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First-rate, shoddy runners and fake runners

Image of the Barceloneta full of runners these days

Let no one be fooled by reading the headline. Or become totally erroneous cabal. With this writing we do not want to establish any type of segregation. On the contrary. We are many @ these days since they allow us to run again we are seeing many more people than usual doing outdoor sports. After weeks and weeks of total confinement, almost having to ask for please and forgiveness to go outside to breathe a little, the ban was opened and, of course, most people are squeezing it to the fullest. And as the widest strip is that of doing sports (from 6 to 10 and from 20 to 23h) and they are the only times of the day when we can set foot on the street without needing a pretext (go shopping, take a walk with children, with the relevant pet, etc.), the human crowd of cyclists, runners, walkers and others has multiplied by 10 compared to what it used to be.

Collateral damage

What happens as a result of this? Well, we see people put on their shoes and go running much more regularly. That has several readings, although it should be the positive one that prevailed over any other. People who had not even experienced 'running' are starting almost by inertia, but in some cases that inertia will become a 'hobby' and even a passion. And that's good, great. Above all, it should be remembered that you have to introduce yourself gradually and if possible with professional advice so as not to fall into precipitations and put your body at risk from a tremendously rewarding activity, but also dangerous if done without a head.

Judging too much

Some regular runners have not been doing too well that ‘invasion’ of novice, foreign runners, and so they are manifesting it on social networks (especially on Twitter, the habitual focus of heated discussions and indiscriminate cracks). Calling them pa shoddy runners ’or‘ false runners ’, they are identified by their poorly groomed clothing or by certain attributes that are far from what on paper should identify a regular runner. In this sense, the opinion of any user or broker should be respected, more if in some case (as it has been given) these new ‘runners’ do not respect the restrictions or prevent the usual practice of the other runners.

More density and less space

But do we really have the license to judge whether a new member of the 'community' has more or less the right to use the public road to run than we do? All this is born because, especially in denser cities and towns, our usual ‘temples’ or ‘sanctuaries’ for running, which at certain times used to be quiet and in which we did not feel liberated and with space to spare, now they are much more crowded.

But the situation is what it is and everyone goes without saying that they have the same right. After that when that "normality" that now seems so far away perhaps a good part of it, most or all of them decide not to run again in their life, well what are they going to do. Above all there is freedom and respect. As long as both are little fulfilled right we have to 'crack'. Beyond the fact that some other ‘look’ can make us smile during our training…

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