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Fit girls that ravage Instagram

Anllela Sagra, one of the great queens of world fitness

They have become the flags of the "Healthy LifeStyle" of the 21st century and its progression is unstoppable. Only on Instagram amass millions of followers. Considered the queens of fitness, the ‘Fit girls’ they use their cell phone and an anthological physicist to worship a healthy way of life with which they break audience records in the social network that unites more than 1000 million users. His aesthetic creates a trend and the big brands do not hesitate to bet on these celebrities. At the top there is talk of 50 thousand dollars for each sponsored photo.

If you are looking for inspiration here you will find a gold mine. Snapshots are made up of innovative exercises, healthy recipes and tips as a source of motivation. We track Instagram in search of 10 fitness girls with more followers:

Jen Selter

Resident in Manhattan, with 18 years began to publish Fitness images until he added a photo of his own body that would become the seed of his success. That has been 7 years and its progression is meteoric. Recommended if you want Emphasize the work of buttocks. 12.7 million followers.

Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra a young woman whose progression in recent years stands out. The Colombian Fit Girl ran into the gym 6 years ago with a coach who was going to change her life forever. As a result of training, his career as a model came to an end because of the increase in muscle mass.

He affirms that perseverance, patience and dedication were his engine of change and little by little he began to feel more comfortable making himself known through social networks. Now his goal is to help others get where they want, motivate and show them the best way to achieve their goals and help them believe in themselves, offering training plans and showing their training to their three million followers. With few exceptions, its network stream focuses on spreading training routines and their achievements.

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Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin (#lacuerpa) has gone from being the girl who worked at a local clinic in Venezuela to one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry, and in record time. Based in South Florida, social networks have spread their fame throughout the world. 13.4 million followers.

Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer, author and businesswoman with Greek heritage. Creator of a series of electronic exercise books titled Bikini Body Guides, and a meal and exercise planning application, Sweat with Kayla. 28 years and 11.8 million followers.

Alexia Clark known as the "queen of training" and the hashtag #QueenTeam that you may have seen on Instagram. With HIIT sessions that can be done both at home and in the gym, your plan promises to change your life with one hour a day of training and without repeating training routines.


Tips and tricks to get a model body and keep fit throughout the year. Passionate about healthy and the strong, among its slogans is "Be strong, not thin".

Lyzabeth Lopez

Holistic nutritionist, fitness instructor, television presenter, writer and creator of Hour Glass training. His wealth of knowledge, contagious personality and passion have made him a highly respected brand in the health and fitness industry.

Rachel Brathen

Yoga_Girl has obtained millions of followers true to this philosophy: Why not give the opportunity to practice yoga every day? Yoga teacher and author has become one of the most respected “yogis” in the world through her snapshots of asanas taken on the beach, near her home in Aruba.

Sascha Barboza

Known as Sascha Fitness, she is a Personal Trainer with studies in sports nutrition. Sascha transformed his passion by becoming the Venezuelan fitness guru. Since the birth of his daughter Avril, Sascha assumed a challenge in his social networks during a year where he lost the overweight of pregnancy, documented each recipe and each exercise in order to motivate his followers to adopt a fitness lifestyle.

“Make love, disheveled. Laugh out loud, disheveled. Travel, fly, run, get into the sea, disheveled. Take off your clothes, disheveled. Kiss the person you love, disheveled. Play, disheveled. Sing until you run out of air, ruffles. It is a universal law: the woman who chooses to go in the first roller coaster cart will always be more disheveled, than the one who prefers not to get on. Live, dance, love, laugh, but above all, let life disheve you! ” Photo: @dondykriga A photo published by Sascha Barboza (@saschafitness) on

Jessica Arevalo

Jessica Arevalo met the world of fitness at age 17 and has since shared her passion, knowledge and experience as a personal trainer.


Cassey Ho is a professional youtuber. He believes that his role in the network is more than a Pilates trainer; promotes a global image of healthy lifestyle and body.


The Spanish Verónica Costa, with the help of her partner Juan Jesús Esteban, triumphs with her workouts, videos and recipes in the world of fitness.

And you tried to change for that person, right? Be a little sweeter, talk a little less, fix yourself a little more, be more daring, be less volatile, more impulsive, less sensitive, more ... Less ... You can't make anyone stay in a place that doesn't Want to be. Let it go, you are special, a wonderful disaster, which not everyone knows how to value. V? #orgullosadetimisma #orgullosodetimism

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