News : Fitness influencer Stephania Gómez († 29) died of Corona

News : Fitness influencer Stephania Gómez († 29) died of Corona

The fitness world mourns the Mexican influencer Stephania Gómez († 29). The 29-year-old died on Tuesday from the consequences of her corona infection. Fans, followers and companions commemorate the “human torch”, as it was affectionately known, on social media.

She was only 29 years old: As her family confirmed on Instagram, the Mexican fitness influencer Stephania Gómez (†) died on Tuesday (June 1) in Puebla.

Fitness star Steph Gómez is dead

The 29-year-old had over 300,000 followers on Instagram and was known, among other things, for the reality show “Exatlón México”, on which she worked for two seasons. In 2018 she won bronze at the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship. On her social media account, the bereaved now confirm the death of the young woman, who was called Steph, and remember her with heartbreaking words.

In Spanish it says about a black and white photo of the deceased: “Call back the best memory you have of Steph, close your eyes and send light and peace to her and her family with love.” Then thank you for the support the athlete had received from the fans in her career and for the sympathy. “We have no doubt that Steph enjoyed her life, was a fighter and inspired many.” The light of the woman, who was also called the “human torch” because she was such a shining example for many, will now continue to shine from where she is now. “Thank you Steph, you are forever in our hearts.” Numerous followers express their sympathy in the comments.

“Exatlón México” mourns the loss of Stephania Gómez

The reality show, in which Steph was seen for a long time, also commemorates her on Twitter in a series of messages. On the account of “Exatlón México” it says among other things: “Today we say goodbye to a great woman, athlete and friend.” And further: “Thank you Steph for being part of our family. Fly up, our dear human torch!”

As various international media report, the fitness star died of the consequences of her corona disease. On the Wednesday before her death (May 26), the 29-year-old, who was infected with Covid-19, was taken to hospital with complications. However, her condition worsened until she died of the consequences Tuesday.

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