News : Flurry of fines on the Barcelona-Esplugues border

News :

Flurry of fines on the Barcelona-Esplugues border

Police identify a female runner on the Barcelona-Esplugues / TV3 border

These days of returning to the asphalt and to our paths to run we are encountering quite surreal situations. Within this 'new normality', which 'imposes' us to leave in specific strips and not cross the limits of our homes, beyond doing it alone and without joining our club and group of training colleagues, it is necessary to be very careful where we tread. In most cases the limits between municipal terms are duly marked, but in many others you must have cartography knowledge to know for sure which is the border area of ​​your population. This happens above all in the mountains, but also at the urban level and in a city as dense and enormous as Barcelona.

Athletes, incredulous at the lack of signage

The colleagues of ‘TV3’ have carried out an interesting report in which they analyze a practically permanent control during the slots enabled to do fair sport where the municipality of Esplugues de Llobregat begins and that of Barcelona ends. Many people from Barcelona use the bicycle lane that comes from Avenida Diagonal to do sports and almost without realizing it, they reach this impasse where there are agents from the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Local Police of this Barcelona town. And they all come back with tremendous displeasure because they are not exempt from the corresponding administrative sanction. Now, is it properly marked?

Insured fine

As you can see there is no sign in itself that tells you that one municipality ends and the other begins. Just a traffic sign on the side of the road focused for cars and that says ‘Esplugues City Council’. It is a roja red line ’that collects countless‘ victims ’every day, who, for the most part, assure that they will resort to said fines because they see them as totally unfair. "No one tells you where the municipality ends; they get to just 10 meters from that invisible line to fine you, I see it absurd ”, says a runner. "According to them I am in the municipality of Esplugues, but the truth is that I have no idea where one ends and the other begins, it is impossible to know," says another "runner."

As this case, surely there will be more in all of Spain within this atypical situation and with so many nuances. Above all, it occurs between large and highly populated urban centers that pile on top of each other.

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