News : Flyeralarm boss cancels sponsorship contracts with DFB – now Magath is stepping up

News : Flyeralarm boss cancels sponsorship contracts with DFB – now Magath is stepping up

Würzburger Kickers: The company boss feels like he’s been screwed up and cancels contracts with the DFB – now Magath is stepping up

Because the Würzburger Kickers in the 2nd division are allegedly denied by referees, the company Flyeralarm has canceled its sponsorship deals worth millions with the DFB. Felix Magath, head of soccer at the company, complains about the lack of a lobby for the “little ones”.

Some time ago Thorsten Fischer was asked why he called his company Flyeralarm. “Because we wanted to raise the alarm a bit,” replied the Würzburger.

Fischer has often caused a stir with the online print shop. With the announcement that he would terminate all sponsorship contracts with the DFB due to wrong referee decisions against his Würzburger Kickers, Fischer moved into focus on Sunday. In a statement, he indirectly accused the DFB of unequal treatment and dubious business conduct. That sat!

There was initially no reaction from the surprised association until Monday, but there was no reaction to the alleged wrong decision in the game against 1. FC Nürnberg (1: 1). The DFB sees no misconduct by the video referee.

The sporting management of the elite referees held a red card in the apparent emergency brake of Lukas Mühl from Nuremberg against Würzburg’s Ridge Munsy for the better decision of the referee on the field.

Sponsor no longer extends contracts with the DFB

“In order to recommend an on-field review to the referee and to correct the decision, the video assistant has to prove beyond doubt that the striker would have been more likely to have been on the ball and thus a clear, obvious mistake by the referee,” said it on the DFB homepage. This evidence could not be provided. “The yellow card was therefore correctly accepted by the video assistant.”

Fischer did not want to comment on the dpa request on Monday. In the message that he had sent shortly after the game, everything had been said, it said.

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However, some questions are still open. For example, what happens to the perimeter advertising at international matches, about which Flyeralarm still has a deal with the DFB. Ongoing contracts will of course be adhered to, said a spokesman on Monday – but they no longer want to be extended.

A separate decision has been announced about the women’s Bundesliga, of which the company is even the name sponsor.

Flyeralarm boss Magath: “The little ones don’t have a lobby”

“I have advised those responsible at the Kickers for a long time to express themselves much more clearly about the wrong decisions, because otherwise they would never be heard,” said Felix Magath, the football boss of Flyeralarm, the “Bild” newspaper. “The little ones don’t have a lobby. That runs like a red thread through the season.”

Fischer listed eleven game-decisive mistakes made by the referees this season at the expense of Kickers. According to his own statements, he chose his step “with all serenity and without emotion”.

Nevertheless, great frustration can be assumed, at least if he was like Sebastian Schuppan. “If you keep getting hit on the head,” said the Kickers sports director at Sky, “you are seething.” Regarding the step taken by his chairman of the supervisory board, he said: “I am a thousand percent behind it and I can understand it.”

Fischer denies exploitation of his employees

For fishermen, the measure is consistent. The 45-year-old is considered a determined and tough businessman. In just under two decades, he turned a garage printing company into a company that claims to have 2,400 employees and a turnover of more than 385 million euros in 2019.

Unions often complained about the exploitation of employees, which Fischer denies. Over the years, competitors have complained about dumping methods from Würzburg – “fair prices – no dumping”, said Fischer to the industry magazine “brand eins” at the beginning of 2020.

At that time, Fischer also brought Magath into the company as head of football. For Flyeralarm it was a PR coup back then. The former national player and coach should ensure success as a consultant in Würzburg and Admira Mödling in Austria. Incidentally, both teams are currently facing relegation.

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