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Food prohibited in the cyclist's diet.

food prohibited cyclists diet

The cyclists increasingly we give more importance to the diet and it is that as it is customary to say in these cases "we are what we eat". Eating well does not only mean eating healthy and natural foods. Variety and especially food withdrawal towards certain Forbidden food They charge more and more consideration.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the three main meals that we must include in our diet. In addition, cyclists and other endurance athletes such as triathletes and runners must pay special attention to everything we eat before, during and after riding a bicycle. The necessary recovery will not only be conditioned by the intensity and duration of the exercise but also by what we have ingested in the 30 minutes after the activity.

The list of unwanted foods that comes next should be taken in perspective and is that from time to time our body feels great a good “cheat meal”.

Food prohibited in the cyclist's diet

Alcoholic drinks

Have you heard of empty calories? Well, this is exactly what the alcoholic drinks. We will not deny that a beer upon reaching the finish line after the “stick” of a cycling tour seems like a gift from the gods and a glass of wine accompanying a good steak something that makes it difficult to give up.

By quitting alcoholic beverages, I mean the beer you drink when you leave work or the three extra cups you drink when you go out with colleagues.

Alcohol is a double-edged sword and is that on top of not adding, subtract. It is a substance without nutritional value that in addition to considerably increasing the risk of suffering health problems causes dehydration. I'm not telling you to put a sharp cross to everything that carries alcohol, I just recommend that try to control your intake.

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It never hurts to have drinks with colleagues.

Sugary soft drinks

If the above were empty calories, sugary sodas are more of the same. With gas, without gas, with caffeine, without caffeine, with sugar, with stevia, with aspartame, it doesn't matter. To drink you won't find anything like him water and natural juices.

I will not deny that a good coke has saved my life on more than one occasion and that sugary drinks (especially those containing caffeine) are perfect to save us on the horn of a possible "bird".

Don't be fooled with sugary fruit sodas. The concentration of strawberry, melon, watermelon or orange is ridiculous and they can not replace a piece of fruit or a good juice squeezed naturally. What you can find in the soft drinks section of your supermarket is a indecent sugar accumulation and a whole set of sweeteners and sweeteners that I assure you little contribute to your healthy diet.

Use these drinks sporadically, to socialize or to accompany the “pit-stop” you make during the route but keep these drinks away from your day to day.

Industrial pastries

I imagine that many cyclists who read this article are addicted to chocolate. A food that in its fair measure and in high concentrations of cocoa has important benefits.

But with the ban industrial bakery and chocolate is not about banning a 90% portion of the tablet but banning industrial pastry made from saturated fats and palm oil.

If you have to eat pastries, avoid the industrial type. Learn to value a good croissant or artisan cake. The taste and taste are totally different. Homemade pastries are in fashion and have enough variants to innovate new things with healthy foods.

Junk food"

Little time? Quiet! The work and the daily chores every time tighten more so that the thing of cooking with calm and tranquility seems a reserved thing as much at the weekends.

The "Fast food" is constantly on the prowl. Fast food at hand and at a good price. A trap you should avoid at all costs.

There is no better name to define this food than junk food. Indecent amounts of oil, fatty foods and sugar. A perfect combo to directly attack cholesterol.

If you have little time to cook you can keep an eye on these 20 healthy meals that are prepared in 15 minutes. A great alternative for cooks with little time. In any case try to avoid frankfurts, hamburgers, french fries, ice cream and other fried foods. If you take take-away food from a commercial store that prepares your dishes

Fried food

In Spain we are specialists in "fritangas". Fried foods are a caloric pump for your body and although it is difficult, you must resist the excess of fried food. Breaded and battered are very good but quickly accumulate as saturated fats.

You always have the option of making healthy batters and that adapt better to a "realfooding" diet. I assure you that if you consult modern cookbooks you can eat practically the same or even enjoy a more intense flavor while consuming more natural foods.

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The pizzas are like a little gift from the devil

Pasta sauces

Pasta with sauce and no sauce with pasta. Carbohydrates are the first order of the day in the diet of the athlete but interesting carbohydrates are in the pasta and not in sauces. Avoid flooding your plate of spaghetti or macaroni with a tide of Bolognese or carbonara sauce.

I am aware that there is nothing more bland than a bowl of white rice with oil. Do not force yourself to eat like this because I assure you that sooner rather than later your brain will disconnect. Accompany your dishes with homemade sauces or healthy seasonings.

If you have to choose, always choose sauces that carry tomato or vegetables and try to avoid as much as possible those that carry milk cream.

Ice cream and high fat desserts

Nothing better to say goodbye to good food than flag desserts. And nothing better for abdominal fat than a cake with cream.

Desserts should have little weight in the caloric intake of each meal. A piece of fruit or yogurt they should be more than enough food for lunch and dinner every day. Ice cream in summer is always a succulent temptation, but surely you will think twice when I tell you that with a conventional stick ice cream easily carries more than 350 calories.

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