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Foods to quench hunger (and not get fat)

Have you recently started a new diet and are getting used to the new eating routines? That means that you are probably going hungry at certain times of the day. When this happens, it is normal to look for satiating foods that do not make you fat in the fridge or in the cupboards and we are not always clear about what we are looking for or what we can eat so as not to skip the diet.

Did you know that today and here you can check what are the most foods satiating, which have low calories and what can you take when you can no longer control your craving for food?

We discover them together below.

More satiating foods

There are thousands of different pills and satiating products in any pharmacy and parapharmacy, but that is not the necessary way. It is not even the efficient way when you are on a diet.

It is time to forget pills and start looking for solutions in natural foods. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the most satiating foods keeping the focus on your diet to lose weight. Remember, yes, that the most appropriate is to include satiating foods in your meals so you don't have to chop anything between meals.

Satisfactory foods with low calories

Are there satiating foods that do not make you fat?

Of course, we have already made that clear to you before, so we do not make you wait any longer and we will see the list of more satiating foods below:


benefits of oatmeal

Do not confuse with the processed cereals that we buy from children. This is pure oatmeal, which you can buy at Mercadona or at any supermarket in your neighborhood.

It is a satiating product rich in protein that you can take with skim milk and mix with fruit or nuts.

This cereal is a treasure for the athlete's health due to its nutritional composition. Complex hydrates, fiber, unsaturated fats and micronutrients are part of the nutritional composition of oats, as well as a good amount of protein and a low glycemic index.

But not only that. Oatmeal contains essential minerals for the athlete, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Any of them influences the muscles and positively affects their neuromuscular functioning.

It is also a carrier of vitamins that they will provide you with energy. Specifically, it includes vitamins B5 and B1, essential in the metabolism of carbohydrates and influential, in turn, in your sports performance.


The protein that vegan people use most for its blend of fiber, slow carbohydrates and protein. You can eat them in a cold salad, chopping onions, peppers and adding some sardines, a can of tuna or cooked egg to make a ten nutritional dish.

Baked potato

The normal thing in slimming diets is to eliminate carbohydrates, but the truth is that cooked potatoes are the most satiating food of all. For example, if you are losing weight, you can introduce 75-100 grams of potatoes with your vegetables and thus not overdo it. Everything will depend on the configuration of your diet and the calculation of macros that your nutritionist has made, so it is best to consult it before adding the potato to your diet.

Fresh fruit: apples, grapes and oranges

These three are the most satiating fruits, they are sweet and delicious, so they are a good recommendation if you want to eat satiating foods that do not make you fat.

Integral rice

A dish with 100 grams of brown rice has approximately 175 calories, so you can combine it with vegetables and you will get a nutritious and satisfying meal with few calories.

On the side of the most satiating foods, which do have more calories and can make you fat, we have nuts, avocado or peanut butter, for example.

And now, are you going to start including satiating foods so you don't get fat in your eating routine so you don't snack between meals? Or are you going to use our list of the most satiating foods to know how to snack between hours with responsibility?

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