News : Football doomed: Super League as a coup attempt by the super-rich

News : Football doomed: Super League as a coup attempt by the super-rich

Traditional football is on the scaffold, the guillotine is called the Super League. So far, twelve clubs are rehearsing the uprising against the European football association Uefa.

Not just any clubs, but the best clubs from England, Spain and Italy, big names in European football such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus Turin, Manchester United or Liverpool FC. Clubs that have been throwing the money around for years like there’s no tomorrow. Those who pay their stars astronomical salaries and have driven transfer fees for players to completely irrational heights – and who still don’t get their necks full.

If they have their way, the Super League will be a league of the super-rich who are getting richer – or clubs like FC Barcelona, ​​which has already turned the investment screw too far. Billions of sums are to flow into the coffers of the planned 15 founding members. Billions, guaranteed by sponsors such as the US investment bank JP Morgan.

Sport and fans fall by the wayside

Big business and football capitalists finally merge, sport falls by the wayside. After all, the founding members cannot relegate. Only five other starting places in the Super League are to be regulated by promotion and relegation. And what about the fans? These big clubs have long since said goodbye to them. At most, the fans in the stands are good for a little folklore.

On the one hand, she honors the fact that the top German and French clubs have not yet joined the coup attempt by the top clubs from England, Spain and Italy. On the other hand, their commitment to Uefa and the Champions League does not mean that they are suddenly going back to the traditional values ​​of football.

Clubs like Paris Saint-Germain, FC Bayern or Borussia Dortmund are also primarily commercial enterprises. The reform of the Uefa Champions League that has now been passed, starting in 2024 with more clubs and thus more games, guarantees them significantly more money. The gap between the clubs that play in the European elite class and those that are left out will widen.

Smoke candle?

Perhaps the Super League push by the twelve super-rich is just a gigantic smoke candle: The outrage over this outrageous attempted coup is so great that no one is talking about the controversial reform of the Champions League. In the end, the twelve rebels cut in again and get even richer in the new Champions League.

No matter how it happens, traditional football, which is committed to sporting competition and fans, seems, at least in the professional field, doomed – if it is not already dead.

Author: Stefan Nestler

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