News : Football EM 2021 in live stream: Germany – France watch live on the Internet

News : Football EM 2021 in live stream: Germany – France watch live on the Internet

Football in front of a large backdrop and in front of an audience! Most of the players in the German team had to wait a long time for this, but the current situation of the corona pandemic means that the game against France in the Allianz Arena in Munich can actually be played in front of people. With an occupancy rate of 20 percent, 14,000 spectators should enter the stadium. This created a real atmosphere in the other games. Maybe that will even give the German team a small home advantage. You can find all information about the European Football Championship here.

See Germany against France in the live stream – this is how it works:

They can need the home advantage. France has an absolutely top team. The game is broadcast from 9 p.m. live on ZDF. You can watch it live, even when you are out and about, in the ZDF media library or simply via the free live stream from Joyn.

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    But of course ZDF doesn’t just show the game. The preliminary reporting starts at 8 p.m. First of all, the other Group F game on the same day is discussed again: Hungary versus Portugal, which starts at 6 p.m. Shortly afterwards, the moderators Jochen Breyer and Katrin Müller-Hohenstein as well as the experts Christoph Kramer, Per Mertesacker, Peter Hyballa and Christian Karembeu are about the game against France. But what are the chances? Löw goes “all in” at his EM poker. It has to work the first time. “France is absolutely at the top level”, the head coach underlined: “In every respect.” The game against the top stars Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann or N’Golo Kanté will largely determine the further course of the tournament. “You can only fight a team like the French successfully if you approach it as a team,” warned Bayern star Joshua Kimmich. Löw’s dilemma: If he pulls the Munich man onto the right wing as expected, the 26-year-old is missing as the best clearer in the headquarters. “As long as we win the games, I don’t care at all,” said Kimmich.

    With three titles (1972, 1980 and 1996) and a record of 28 wins and only twelve defeats in the previous 49 European Championship games, Germany goes into the current tournament as the most successful nation at European championships. Only Spain has also climbed the EM throne three times. Löw does not want to commit to a specific goal for his eighth and final tournament – he always counts the Confed Cup victory in 2017. “In the back of the head” is always “that we can advance to the final,” he revealed.

    More than ever, the as yet unsettled DFB ensemble needs the support of the fans at the halfway home European Championship. Due to the corona pandemic, only 14,000 fans are allowed into the Munich arena for the three group games on Tuesday against France, on Saturday against Portugal and again four days later against Hungary. But as the previous European Championship games have shown: That also inspires the hosts.

    “Something happens there, there are emotions. That helps all the teams that are competing in the tournament – and of course us at home too, ”said Löw. This is also underlined by the statistics: The DFB-Elf played four games at home tournaments in Munich, all of which were won. “We are extremely excited about the 14,000. That is something that everyone is missing: the encouragement from the audience, the response to good and bad actions,” said Hummels on ZDF.

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