News : Football EM: Bilbao may no longer be a host

News : Football EM: Bilbao may no longer be a host

According to the local organizers, there will be no games in Bilbao at the European Football Championship in summer. The Basque regional government announced that the European Football Union (Uefa) had withdrawn their host rights. You called the decision of the Continental Association “unilateral” in a statement.

The point of contention is the extent to which viewers can attend the games. The organizers will check whether they will claim compensation for previous expenses. “Euro 2020 will not be played in Bilbao,” the statement said, “but we will not allow them to play games with Bilbao.”

Group E games with the Spanish national team against Poland, Sweden and Slovakia were to kick off at the San Mames stadium. Uefa boss Aleksander Ceferin had made the bid dependent on the extent to which the cities can make promises to admit at least a limited number of viewers despite the corona pandemic.

On Tuesday, the UEFA Executive Committee announced that the final decision on the original twelve European Championship venues would be postponed to Friday. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Baku, St. Petersburg, Bucharest, Budapest, Glasgow, London and Rome have been determined.

Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter and the Bavarian state government have emphasized that they are currently unable to give any guarantees.

In Ireland, Vice Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was skeptical. “We’re very careful about that,” he told Today FM. “We just think June is too early.” If Uefa insisted on filling at least 25 percent of the stadium, “frankly, it will be difficult to continue,” said Varadkar.

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