News : Footballer, athlete … And now also a triathlete!

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Footballer, athlete ... And now also a triathlete!

Salma Paralluelo, in a file image / EFE

It is one of the great promises of our athletics. But it is also at the soccer level. This very gifted young woman of the sport combines both activities perfectly and the truth is that she is standing out both by kicking a ball and running like a deer on the tartan. Salma Celeste Paralluelo has a beautiful history and has been residing in Villarreal for a few months, where she can fulfill her dream of playing soccer at the highest level (Villarreal plays in the second category of national soccer) and training with one of the best clubs in Spain. such as the Playas de Castellón.

Come back in a triathlon in Cartagena

As the portal ‘We are Athletics’ tells, the Aragonese has taken advantage of the break in the football competition to focus more on the specific training of athletics and you are in a great time so. Paralluelo trains in Castellón with combined athletes and that is why his first ‘post-confinement’ competition will be a triathlon. Not with the bike and the swim test, but a 300, high jump and shot put. Apparently, everything indicates that he is exercising well and that he can make good marks both in height and weight (we do not doubt at all that 300 being his prueba fetish ’test the 400).

It will be a triathlon at Cartagen and will be held on July 16. Another example of the revival of our athletics after the ‘Challenge 2000’ in Valencia, the ‘Desafío Nerja’ or the race in Vallehermoso the other day between Orlando Ortega and Nacho Sáenz.

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