News : Formula 1 2019 in Silverstone – Results: Vettel receives penalty and is last – Hamilton records record victory!

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Formula 1 2019 in Silverstone - Results: Vettel receives penalty and is last - Hamilton records record victory!

In Formula 1 this year is already the 70th World Cup. From March to September 2019, the drivers have to prove themselves on a total of 21 sticks to emerge as World Champion in the end. The Grand Prix of Great Britain at Silverstone will be in the tenth race this weekend.

Formula 1 GP 2019 at Silverstone: results and live ticker from the Grand Prix of Great Britain

Immediately after each passage we will provide you herenews.dewith the current results from the outdoors training, Qualifying and Grand Prix race of Great Britain at Silverstone. As you see the Great Britain Grand Prix in live stream and TV,learn here,

+++ 07/14/2019: Hamilton wins in Silverstone +++

After Vettel on lap 38 still with luck in front of the safety car, failed a counterattack on the overtaking attempt by Verstappen. Vettel crashed on Verstappen, received a new tail and a time penalty. Meanwhile, Hamilton won for the sixth time his home race and is now the sole record holder before the legends Jim Clark († 32) and Alain Prost (64).

+++ 07/14/2019: Who grabs the victory in Silverstone? +++

Last year's winner Sebastian Vettel faces a difficult task at the British Grand Prix. The FerrariDriver starts on Sunday (15.10 / RTL and Sky) only from the sixth starting position in the Formula 1 race at Silverstone. The pole position fought for the Finn Valtteri Bottas, championship leader Lewis Hamilton applies at his home race as the biggest win candidate. Who grabs the victory?

+++ 13.07.2019: Vettel chance in the fight for world title? +++

Sebastian Vettel must cope with the next bitter disappointment in the increasingly hopeless fight for the World Cup title in Formula 1. In qualifying for the British Grand Prix, the Ferrari star on Saturday was hopeless and had to settle for Silverstone with the sobering sixth place. The 32-year-old from Heppenheim starts on Sunday (15.10 clock / RTL and Sky) only from the third row, while the again superior MercedesPilots are together at the top and should make the win again among themselves.

"All in all, the speed was missing from the first to the last section, I could not improve," Vettel said on RTL: "I did not feel so comfortable in the car, have not found the rhythm not so right."

The Finn Valtteri Bottas took the tenth pole position of his career in the Silver Arrow on the traditional course in Central England and pushed local hero Lewis Hamilton very thinly into second place. Only 0.006 seconds were missing to the championship leader to make it for the seventh time at his home race to the first starting place. But Hamilton still believes in a victory: "It's a long race tomorrow, with the support of the fans, it can still work."

+++ 13.07.2019: Vettel in the last Silverstone training second behind Leclerc +++

The four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel may hope for a good qualifying for the Grand Prix of Great Britain after a successful last practice. The 32-year-old from Heppenheim narrowly missed his Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc on Saturday in the final practice session. Vettel was 0.026 seconds behind the 21-year-old Monegassen. World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton finished third in the Mercedes in his home race at Silverstone, fourth, the Dutchman Max Verstappen in the Red Bull. The third and final practice session before qualifying on Saturday afternoon took only after half an hour of driving. In the beginning, light rain ensured that the pilots stayed in their team garages.

+++ 12.07.2019: Vettel in the Silverstone training fourth - Bottas before Hamilton +++

Last year's winner Sebastian Vettel has again beaten the superior Mercedes driver in the Formula 1 training for the Grand Prix of Great Britain. The Ferrari driver finished fourth in Silverstone on Friday, 0.448s behind Finland's top seed Valtteri Bottas. World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton was just 0.069 seconds behind his team mate in the second Silver Arrow. Vettel also had to give way to the stable rival Charles Leclerc from Monaco. The 21-year-old finished third in central England.

The five-time world champion Hamilton leads in front of the tenth of 21 rounds on Sunday (15.10 clock / RTL and Sky) in the overall standings with 197 points, well ahead of Bottas (166). The four-time champion Vettel (123) is already 74 points behind in fourth and urgently needs victories to preserve his title chance. Third is the Dutch Max Verstappen (126) in the Red Bull.

+++ 12.07.2019: PierreGasly in the first Silverstone training front - Vettel sixth +++

Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly has surprisingly set the fastest time in the first Formula One session at the British Grand Prix. In Silverstone, the 23-year-old Frenchman landed just under half a second ahead of Finland's Valtteri Bottas in 1: 27.173 minutes, third was Gasly's Dutch team-mate Max Verstappen. World Champion Lewis Hamilton drove the second Mercedes to fourth place, Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel had to settle for sixth place in the opening race. The Heppenheimer was 1.131 seconds behind Gasly, who drove his fastest lap just before the end.

Five-time world champion Hamilton leads the tenth of 21 rounds on Sunday in the overall standings with 197 points clearly ahead of Bottas (166). The four-time champion Vettel (123) is already 74 points behind, third is Verstappen (126).

Mercedes is a favorite in the Grand Prix, from 2013 to 2017, there were five successive successes for the factory team in Silverstone. Last year, Vettel had won at the traditional high-speed course in central England.

+++ 12.07.2019: Illegal immigrants in Ferrari truck in Silverstone +++

Two illegal immigrants have troubled Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari racing team ahead of the UK Grand Prix. On Wednesday at the Silverstone paddock, security forces arrested two people hiding in a Scuderia truck. The police in Northamptonshire confirmed the incident of the "Bild" newspaper (Friday). "They were arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon, but no further action was taken, and the immigration office was informed," the police told the newspaper. First, the specialist portal had reported on the action.

According to media reports, the refugees were arrested in Calais, France during a customs check on board the truck to enter the UK illegally. From which country the two persons come, is not known.

The vehicle of the Italians was on the way from the headquarters in Maranello to the race course about 100 kilometers northwest of London and was loaded with Formula 1 equipment. The work of the Scuderia should not have been affected by the incident, an opinion on the incident of Ferrari does not exist.

+++ 07/11/2019: Vettel holds World Championship title in Formula 1 later this year +++

Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel holds his fifth title win in Formula 1, despite currently large residue in this year still possible. "I have no reason not to believe in it, but it's not my first thought when I go to bed," said the 32-year-old on Thursday at Silverstone. The Grand Prix of Great Britain will take place on the track in Central England on Sunday (15.10 / RTL and Sky). "I'm looking forward to this race and to the next one," said Heppenheimer, adding, "But to turn it around, we need a stronger package, it's not enough to challenge the others."

The four-time World Champion Vettel is already under pressure before the tenth race of the season. 74 points is behind the superior championship leader Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes, who has already won six times this year. Also Valtteri Bottas from Finland in the second Silver Arrow and the Dutch Max Verstappen from Red Bull are still ahead of the fourth placed from Hesse.

Vettel was able to win in Silverstone last year. Currently his car is not in as good a condition as in July 2018. "Konstanz is missing, we've always had a bit of a fight here and there and we're still learning," said Vettel: "Currently it's clear that we are not in the favorites role, but the last races were not bad for us. "

+++ 11.07.2019: Hamilton expects in Silverstone with Formula 1-three-fight: "Closer" +++

Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton expects a three-way battle for victory at his home race at Silverstone. "We are aware that Red Bull and Ferrari are stepping forward and I think it will be closer between us, it will not be an easy weekend," said the Mercedes driver ahead of the United Kingdom Grand Prix on Sunday (15:10 / RTL and Sky).

Last in Austria Hamilton had only fifth place in the success of Max Verstappen (Red Bull) after problems with the engine cooling. Previously, however, there were six wins in nine races. "We want to improve," said the 34-year-old, who is not afraid of new technical difficulties: "I basically do not go to the races." Enormous heat of over 30 degrees had caused difficulties for the Silberpfeilen in Spielberg.

Despite this, five-time world champion Hamilton leads the tenth of 21 rounds in the standings with 197 points ahead of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas (166) from Finland. Fourth-placed Ferrari star Sebastian Vettel (123) is 74 points behind and Verstappen (126) is third.

The Grand Prix in central England is for Hamilton the "most special of the year," he said on Thursday: "This is a spectacular weekend, it's about pressure and adrenaline, my whole family is there, even close friends." If Hamilton win again, he would be with six successes at the same time only record winner on the traditional track. "The fact that this is possible is incredible for me, it has always been a track for us in the past."

+++ 07/11/2019: You have to know about the Grand Prix of Great Britain +++

It's getting cooler again in Formula 1. After the heat race in Austria, temperatures are sinking at the UK Grand Prix. This pleases especially industry leader Mercedes. Ferrari with four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel seems to have little chance of winning in the race on Sunday (15.10 / RTL and Sky), but the Heppenheimer has fond memories of the course around 100 kilometers northwest of London.

Will Sebastian Vettel finally win his first victory of the season?

The prospects on one of the favorite tracks of the dominant Mercedes are rather bad. Ferrari's team boss Mattia Binotto had to admit that the course at Silverstone is not exactly for the current Scuderia car. Unlike in Austria or Canada, it is difficult for the Italians to keep up with the Silver Arrows. But: Vettel could win the previous year in England and beat world champion Lewis Hamilton at his home race.

Will Lewis Hamilton become Britain's record winner?

Possible. The 34-year-old has already won five times on the racetrack not far from his native Stevenage, four times in a row between 2014 and 2017. With another success, he would set a new record. The five-time world champion and leader of the general classification has something to do. In the previous year, it was enough for a non-responsible spin only to second place. Also rank five last in Austria was not to the liking of the British.

Does Mercedes have its engine under control again?

This is to be assumed. At temperatures above 30 degrees in Austria, the cooling failed. Hamilton and team-mate Valtteri Bottas therefore could not get the full performance and did not win for the first time this season. "Fortunately, the summer in England is more known for its temperate temperatures, so cooling should not be a big problem for us at Silverstone," said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff. The maximum should be just over 20 degrees in the race.

Is Max Verstappen also a winning candidate in England?

The Dutchman finished the series of Mercedes in Austria and celebrated after a strong drive his first victory of the season. The 21-year-old is also highly motivated in Silverstone, but gets to do it with stronger Mercedes competition. "The circuit with the fast corners is a lot of fun," said Verstappen. He could not win in the UK yet, but in 2016, after all, was already second.

Will it be the last race in Silverstone for the time being?

No. Much to the delight of British motorsport fans, the contract with the organizers, which would have expired at the end of the year, was extended by five years until the end of 2024 shortly before the Grand Prix on Wednesday. On the racetrack in 1950 the first Formula 1 race had ever been held. Many other events at the center of British motor racing will also be appreciated by pilots as a sign of the preservation of tradition.

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