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Formula 1: All votes for the race of the year in Hockenheim

Formula 1 in Hockenheim: All the votes for the race, the crazy Vettel catch-up and the rain chaos

It was a race that will be remembered for a long time. Not only because of Sebastian Vettel's magnificent catch-up, which ends in second place. The rain and tire chaos of Hockenheim takes care of one highlight after another and whirls the field upside down. To the chagrin of Mercedes.

From 20 to 2! After the failed Ferrari qualifying, the weekend for Vettel and the Scuderia had already gone well. But the weather god had other plans and made for an exciting race, which has not existed in this form for a long time.

All votes for the race:

Sebatian Vettel (Ferrari): "It was a long race, in some places it felt like it would never end."

Vettel continues: "It was fun, an incredibly tough race. I'm just happy. It did not fit with the intermediates. Nice that the afternoon went so long. I could stay out of everything. Congratulations to Max. Before the last safety car I realized that I still have a chance. But in the first two corners it was still dangerous. "

Max Verstappen (Red Bull): "It was unbelievable, I had to stay focused all the time, we switched to Slick, then the 360 ​​degree spin came in. It was important to make few mistakes"

Daniil Kwjat (Toro-Rosso Pilot): "It was a horror movie with a bit of a black comedy, a roller coaster ride".

Kwjat reveals baby luck: "At one point, I thought the race was over, but then it came to life again, it was unbelievable! I became a dad only at night."

Mattia Binotto (Ferrari team boss): "A fantastic performance from him (Vettel, editor's note)." That's what he needed, that's what the team needed. "

Charles Leclerc (Ferrari): It was not a big mistake, it was a minor mistake, I've made a lot more mistakes this season, but the accident is completely my fault. "

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): "It was just a bad day, a bad weekend, there's nothing more to say, it was one of the worst days I've had in a long time."

Hamilton to the championship: I really do not know what happened today, I'm glad we still have some races ahead of us, so we need to focus and come back stronger. "

Hamilton to the accident: "The fact that I hit the wall did not help, of course, a used set of tires did not work, so everything just came together."

Toto Wolff (Mercedes team boss): "It was catastrophic for us, of course, in the beginning we controlled it really well, but then we made the wrong decisions about accidents, so you can not win a race." What annoyed him the most? "I can not start - everything!"

Wolff about the failed Hamilton stop: "He had the accident right at the pit entrance, so no one was prepared and then the wrong call came on the tires, which has not happened to us for years, which made us look a bit dumb.

Wolff about the weather chaos: "The weather always plays a role, but you can see that it can be done - as was the case with Verstappen - some boys have used that in their favor, like Kwjat and Stroll - they have to be congratulated, but for us of course everything went in the pants. "

Nico Hulkenberg: "It was not a technical fault, I lost a bit of the tail in turn 16. I then decided to open the steering, but what I did not know was that it was like ice there, it was almost a dragster. There was nothing to save. "

Mick Schumacher is looking forward to daddy's Ferrari

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