News : Formula 1: Bottas, Gasly, Hulkenberg tremble for their cockpit for 2020

News :

Formula 1: Bottas, Gasly, Hulkenberg tremble for their cockpit for 2020

Bottas, Gasly, Hülkenberg: Seven Formula 1 stars tremble for their cockpit

Summer break in Formula 1, which means: time for the driver market. This year, the so-called "silly season" is particularly lively, for 2020, two top cockpits could be filled again. In contrast, Nico Hulkenberg must tremble for his Formula 1 future.

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Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)

Third Mercedes year, strong start, then the usual fluctuations. Bottas' place wobbles, Mercedes decides between him and replacement driver Esteban Ocon, as motorsport director Toto Wolff admits.

The 29-year-old Finn needs "a plan B, of course." His talent is not enough to challenge Lewis Hamilton permanently. A reliable podium candidate Bottas is very well. And: It stimulates team hygiene. Here, the super-ambitious Ocon (22) would be a different caliber.

Trend for 2020: Bottas had his chance. Mercedes puts Ocon in the car.

Pierre Gasly (Red Bull)

Against Max Verstappen striking chance. Last in Hungary even beaten by a McLaren, in the World Cup standings demoralizing 118 points behind Verstappen. Gasly still saves the fact that the Red Bull junior squad does not spit out a tried-and-tested youngster and can not be matched by Fernando Alonso.

However, Gasly should gradually get up to speed. Daniil Kvyat and Alexander Albon of Toro Rosso would be logical alternative candidates - solid pilots, no high-flyers.

Tendency: Red Bull demoted Kvyat in 2016 and bring him back. What proves all the hardship.

Nico Hulkenberg (Renault)

167 Formula 1 races without a podium. a sad record. In Hockenheim Hülkenberg threw the opportunity in second place, somehow significant. "Whenever Nico is about to achieve great things, he slips away and sabotages himself," criticized team boss Cyril Abiteboul.

Renault hopes for the Frenchman Ocon, should Mercedes but Bottas prefer; Sergio Perez is considered an alternative. And Hulkenberg? Will be written out of Formula 1 or as Gasly successor to Red Bull. "Silly season".

Tendency: Because Ocon has good prospects for the Silver Arrow, Renault holds on to Hulkenberg. But for the soon 32-year-old ticking the clock.

Sergio Perez (Racing Point)

Ironically, points winner in the duel with Lance Stroll (with the exception of Hockenheim, where the Canadian dusted a fourth place), ironically just at a disadvantage - in fact, Raciing Point is actually Stroll's father since recently.

Nicholas Latifi, second in Formula 2, could inherit Perez's seat. And would, nice side effect, a suitcase with about 30 million dollars.

Tendency: Racing Point and Perez are divorcing their forever-lasting marriage for Formula 1 racing (since 2014). In the cockpit fight, the Mexican could go out empty-handed.

Robert Kubica (Williams)

Kubica's comeback after eight years and - despite all the assurances - a handicap at hand as a result of his rally accident was a cheesy story. At the beginning of the season her magic vanished.

Certainly, in the non-competitive Williams, no brilliant achievements are possible. That Kubica in Hungary qualifying, however, 1.3 seconds (!) On rookie colleague George Russell lost, showed the extent of the dilemma. Latifi is ready, Williams would have his money much more necessary than Racing Point.

Tendency: If things go bad, Williams will react in the current season. Kubica will be gone by 2020 at the latest. Unfortunately.

Romain Grosjean (Haas)

For the fact that Haas has again built a very useful car, the points account is devastatingly empty. Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are more prone to internal accidents and avoidable mistakes.

Magnussen does not have to believe it, the 33-year-old Grosjean is almost certainly already. The rumor mill throws Perez and Hülkenberg in the pot of the US racing team.

Tendency: Grosjean drives his final season in Formula 1. Then it's over, not only with Haas.

Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo)

On the paper next to Verstappen / Gasly the clearest team duel. Kimi Raikkonen has 31 points, Giovinazzi only one. The Hockenheim penalty for both Alfas cost the Finns a seventh and the Italian an eighth place.

Giovinazzi is quick and willing to learn, but too fussy. So far, Alfas Bande forms a shield to Ferrari, the 2018 deceased Fiat boss Sergio Marchionne († 66) had pushed through Giovinazzi.

Tendency: Giovinazzi stays on board. And will be replaced in 2021 by Mick Schumacher.

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