News : Formula 1: Ferrari fiasco to Vettel and Leclerc, sympathy of Mercedes

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Formula 1: Ferrari fiasco to Vettel and Leclerc, sympathy of Mercedes

Formula 1: Ferrari fiasco in qualifying to Vettel and Leclerc - sympathy of Mercedes

Fiasco for Ferrari. Different defects put both cars in qualifying paralyzed. Means: Last starting place for local hero Sebastian Vettel and position ten for Charles Leclerc. From the competition there is the maximum penalty: pity.

Before qualifying for the German Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring, Ferrari was the favorite for the pole position, but then the session turned into a disaster. Sebastian Vettel could not drive a single timed lap and will have to tackle his home race from the last place on the grid.

His teammate Charles Leclerc got the defect devil in Q3. In the last section of the Monegasse had to get off and could not drive time. Leclerc will be on position ten. According to Ferrari, these were two different defects. At Leclerc there was a problem with the gasoline system. At Vettel there was a complication "with the air flow to the turbocharger".

"I noticed right at the exit of the pit lane that I lost performance and something broke down," says the German. "I did not know if maybe only a small part or a connection could be solved, but it seems to be something bigger, so we could not do anything." After just a slow warm-up lap, Vettel was damned to watch.

Charles Leclerc had great chances to pole

Leclerc set the best time in Q1 and only had to bend Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) by just under two tenths of a second in Q2. At the beginning of Q3 was finally after the Ferrari newcomer. "I had a problem with the gasoline system, what a pity! We need to understand now what happened so it does not happen anymore," says Leclerc's first reaction.

The Monegasse was a hot contender for the pole position. Instead, a problematic day had to be explained again. "It has been a difficult day for the team today, hopefully it will be more positive tomorrow," Leclerc says. "I felt great in the car, the car was great all weekend, so it's a shame it happened."

Thus, the field was open to the competition. Hamilton put the Silver Arrow in front of Max Verstappen in the Red Bull on the pole position. Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff feels sorry for Scuderia: "That's terrible, of course, it's Sebastian's home Grand Prix, they really have the plague, Leclerc would have been good for the Pole, we need Ferrari in the competition hope they find their way back there. "

Sebastian Vettel: "Of course that stinks me"

"Of course it stinks me now", makes Vettel his frustration air. "The chance to be in the lead today would have been good, and after everything that went on so far, the pole was within reach, which of course is very, very bitter - right here, but I have no choice but tomorrow We hope we have a good race tomorrow, there is still a lot going on, but of course it would have been better to drive from the very front instead of the back. "

In recent weeks Vettel was in the criticism. Do these events show that it is not alone, but the whole team is to blame for the hitherto disappointing season? "The wind turns fast", Vettel answers and tries to keep calm: "It is important that you do not let yourself be fooled by it.Of course, the last few weeks have not been so tailwind.That is part of it is not important."

"It has nothing to do with trust, but of course you can not do anything if it breaks out, but it has nothing to do with trust," emphasizes the four-time world champion. He knows such situations. "Actually, I'm relatively prepared for this, but on such a day when you know it's going to be good to be thwarted right from the start, it's extremely bitter, of course, so there's no other choice."

That's why Vettel focuses on the future. With his pace, he has good opportunities to catch up. Of course it would have been easier to start from the very front rather than the very back, so we still have some time to think. " There is also the chance of rain for the race day. That would open up new possibilities for Vettel and Leclerc.

This article was written by Gerald Dirnbeck

Vettel's worst Formula 1 year began in Hockenheim

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