News : Formula 1: Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto takes qualifying debacle “personally”

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Formula 1: Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto takes qualifying debacle "personally"

Formula 1 in Hockenheim: Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto takes qualifying debacle "personally"

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto takes over the responsibility for the qualifying disaster. Both cars of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc had to give up due to technical problems. As a consequence, Binotto announces internal restructuring.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto had after the debacle in Hockenheim qualifying speech and answer. Both Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc had come to technical defects. "Undoubtedly we are very disappointed because we had a good performance today and the disappointment is even greater because these things should not happen," says Binotto Klartext. Vettel could not drive a single timed lap and will start his home race last. Leclerc got the defect devil in Q3. He finished tenth.

I feel it personally, it is my responsibility, "says Binotto in his role as team leader. "There have been two problems that have never happened before: Sebastian had a problem with the intercooler, and with Charles, the module that controls the fuel pump, and everything needs to be properly controlled on Sunday, luckily those are things that are not punishable, they can be repaired. "

It's not the first time Ferrari's Formula One season 2019 went wrong. From strategy mistakes about driving errors to technical problems, the list is significantly longer than in the competition of Mercedes and Red Bull. The World Cup train is long gone without the Scuderia this year. Binotto repeatedly emphasized that Ferrari is working on a new team, which has to be brought in and set up for the future.

Binotto: "It's about our complete approach"

After the double-out in qualifying Binotto is also clear that something must happen. "I do not think we just have to sort out a problem, it's about our complete approach so that it can not happen anymore, it's about how we develop the car, how we homologate it, and how we evaluate reliability is about our complete approach to quality control and the development of the car. "

"I think we have to think it over internally, I do not believe in bad luck, it's about improving our internal processes," notes the Italian. "It's still a long way to go, but we need to stay positive, so to improve as a team, we need to learn from such things." In addition, Binotto confirmed that it was not the same defect as in Austria, where Vettel had to quit early in qualifying.

Ferrari in Hockenheim fast on the road - why?

The defects were therefore so bitter for Ferrari, since one had had the chance to beat Mercedes and to conquer the pole position on their own in Hockenheim. The performance was already strong throughout the weekend. However, the question is whether it is route-specific or a sign of progress? Because two weeks ago Ferrari was in Silverstone no chance against the Silver Arrows.

"I think it's a combination of both," Binotto replies to this question. "I think we could have got the pole today, and if we had done that, we would have been in pole three in the last five races, which shows that whatever the track characteristics, our average speed is good enough, at least in qualifying I think our car is making progress, it's too bad and we're disappointed because we could have battled with both cars for places in the first two rows in Q3. "

Next damper for Vettel's self-confidence?

Since Vettel must start from the very back, Ferrari could theoretically change the drive unit, as a Rückversetzung would not matter. "No, I do not think that's necessary, but we'll consider all options," says Binotto in this regard. "We focus more on what happened." As Vettel has set up no lap time in qualifying, Ferrari had to formally ask the race director for a starting permission. These were of course given, because Vettel was fast enough in training.

The fact that such a disaster would happen at the home race in Hockenheim is doubly bitter for Vettel. Does that additionally bother Vettel's self-confidence after the many difficult weeks? "Of course he is just as disappointed as we are," says Binotto about his driver. "But he knows he can race well tomorrow and hopefully it'll be a good race for him to leave Hockenheim in a good mood."

And what is realistically possible for Ferrari on Sunday? "I think we should not ignore the rain, we have a good pace and I think we should concentrate on our speed and work our way through the field", the team boss looks ahead. "Sebastian has shown in the past races that he can work his way from the back - not from the back, but I'm pretty sure we're going to have a good race and we're even hungrier for a good result. "

This article was written by Gerald Dirnbeck, co-author: Diego Mejía

Vettel's worst Formula 1 year began in Hockenheim

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