News : Formula 1: GP France in the live ticker with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

News :

Formula 1: GP France in the live ticker with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel

Current order:

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
2nd Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
3. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
4. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
5th Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)


1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) - 162 points
2. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) - 133
3rd Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) - 100th
4. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) - 88
5. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) - 72

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Live Coverage:

34/53: Max Verstappen is stuck in fourth place, although he had calculated himself a podium place before the race. That is disappointing for the Dutchman.

32/53: That's it with the strong placement of Raikkonen, The Finn has to come to the pits to pick up some fresh tires. He slips back to 12th.

30/53: Kimi Raikkonen drives a strong race in the Alfa Romeo. The "Iceman" fights in sixth place behind Vettel - directly behind him is Nico Hülkenberg in the Renault on seven.

28/53: More than half of the race is over - and everything looks like a start / finish win for Hamilton at the moment. None of the other pilots is even approaching so fast.

27/53: Lewis Hamilton drives a faultless race - the world champion leads with 12.022 seconds ahead of Mercedes teammate Bottas. Behind them third place Leclerc with another 3,081 seconds on the Finns.

26/53: Now Vettel has to pit. Quick change, but Verstappen remains in front of the Heppenheimer, as this comes back on the track. Vettel now 4.7 seconds behind the Dutchman. So lost more time than won.

24/53: Lewis Hamilton comes to a stop at the box, which takes exactly 2.2 seconds. Some people want to change their tires on the car so fast! Or?

23/53: Sebastian Vettel Put everything on one card - and stay out as long as possible! His medium tires make a good impression, which also speaks for the driving style of Vettel. Maybe today is something!

22/53: Charles Leclerc is in the box. The Monegasse gets a fresh set of tires missed. Quick stop, then back to the track.

21/53: Max Verstappen comes in the box. And Ferrari pretends a pit stop. Sebastian Vettel stays at least one more lap outside!

19/53: Sebastian Vettel comes closer and closer to Max Verstappen! Both drivers separate only 3.2 seconds. Let's see when the Dutchman comes into the pits with his Red Bull.

18/53: The first F1 cars come to the pits and change their tires. Let's see who is on a two-stop strategy - and who is not.

16/53: Lewis Hamilton radioed that his seat was broken. The problem does not seem to be bigger at the moment, because Hamilton sets the next fastest lap.

14/53: Sergio Perez has received a time penalty! His race time adds +5 seconds.

13/53: Charles Leclerc also has nothing to oppose the two Silver Arrows at the moment. The Monegasse is losing more and more time on Hamilton (+7.3 seconds) and Bottas (+4.7 seconds). That should be another bitter weekend for Ferrari.

11/53: Next fastest lap for Hamiltonwho has extended his lead to Bottas to 2.5 seconds. Last is Antonio Giovinazzi in Alfa Romeo. Nico Hülkenberg in the Renault ranks eleventh.

10/53: Lewis Hamilton Vettel takes 4/10 seconds in each round. Thus, the gap to the world champion in the Mercedes is getting bigger. It'll be a tough nut to crack if Vettel even wants to make it to the podium.

9/53: The Mexican Sergio Perez (SportPesa Racing Point) faces a penalty. FIA officials investigate an incident on the track after leaving the course and driving down a corridor.

7/53: Vettel keep on doing well The Ferrari driver grabs the Spaniard Carlos Sainz in the McLaren with a new oil pump. But Hamilton is far away - the Brit leads with 16 seconds on the Heppenheimer.

6/53: Hamilton can get some air in the front - and bring two seconds between himself and Bottas. Behind in third place Leclerc, who is 2.5 seconds behind the Finn.

5/53: Sebastian Vettel It's going to be tough for a long time, but now it grabs the first McLaren from Lando Norris. Now separate him 1.7 seconds from fifth place and Carlos Sainz.

4/53: Lewis Hamilton pulverizes the time of Verstappen and lays the fastest race lap. The world champion leads the field with 1.615 seconds ahead of Mercedes team-mate Bottas.

3/53: Max Verstappen in the Red Bull with the fastest race lap. The Dutchman has good chances to reach the podium, because his F1-Bolide has the necessary power. At the moment, "Mad Max" is fourth, 1.6 seconds behind Leclerc.

2/53: The driver field goes in the same order as in the result of qualifying in the second round. Pulls in the front Hamilton in the Mercedes of it. In the wake of the World Champion Bottas are us Leclerc, who has a good racing pace in the Ferrari.

1/53: The start has taken place! Lewis Hamilton comes off best and is the first in front of Valtteri Bottas in the first corner. Sebastian Vettel remains in seventh place.

3:10 pm: Here we go! All drivers start the warm-up lap and get away well. No car stops.

15.07 clock: All F1 cars have lined up at the start. It's off to the warm-up lap. The clear favorites are the two silver arrows of pole sitter Lewis Hamilton and team-mate Valtteri Bottas.

15:05: Five minutes to the start of the race!

14:59: The French anthem is sung by a children's choir before the race - and Sebastian Vettel has to spit out that he does not miss the anthem. In the outrun step, he runs forward to collect no penalty. That was close!

14:52 clock: Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto explains in a Sky interview, that especially the tire wear can be decided in this race. He hopes Charles Leclerc will overtake one of Lewis Hamilton's and Valtteri Bottas's Mercedes cars at the start.

14:47: The big surprise of the weekend is McLaren with youngster Lando Norris (19) and Carlos Sainz (24), who finished fifth and sixth in qualifying. Great to see, considering what a power McLaren has been in the past few decades.

14:42: Here is some information about the track in Le Castellet. The course is 5,842 kilometers long. The drivers have to complete 53 laps with a total length of 309.626 kilometers. The tire wear is in the middle range, the brake wear is low.

2.30 pm: Ferrari exchanged after the qualifying on SF90 Sebastian Vettel from the oil pump. The Scuderia had discovered an oil leak and repaired the damage under Parc-Fermé conditions. That is allowed and does not result in any punishment.

14:25: After qualifying Ferrari was vigorously rebuilt on F1 cars. Obviously the Scuderia wants to try with all means to somehow survive against Mercedes. Likewise, McLaren screwed on his Renner. At McLaren, for example, the underbody and the floor slab were replaced.

1:20 pm: There was stress after the qualifying at Ferrari when it came out that Charles Leclerc in the team radio complained loudly about Sebastian Vettel. "Can you tell Seb, he should drive faster please?" Said the Monegasse in the direction of Scuderia - which Vettel probably should not taste.

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13:12: Nico Rosberg suffers Sebastian Vettel and talks about the current crisis of the Ferrari driver. The ex-world champion believes that for the Heppenheimer in the Grand Prix of France in Le Castellet maximum fifth place is in it.

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1:00 pm: Hello and welcome to the live ticker on FOCUS Online. From 15.10 clock starts the Great price of francreich with Lewis Hamilton in the pole position, setting a new course record at 1: 28.319 in the qualifying session on Saturday.

In the video - Vettel's frustration is understandable, but the problems are once again homemade

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