News : Formula 1 offers only exciting races – reasons for the upswing

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Formula 1 offers only exciting races - reasons for the upswing

Reasons for the upswing: Formula 1 suddenly offers only exciting races

Exciting races, short decisions, different winners: The last six Formula 1 Grand Prix were eye-catchers. How come? Sky commentator Sascha Roos names reasons for the upswing.

The Formula 1 had to listen to a lot: too boring, too incomprehensible, too predictable. Criticism was often justified, and as the 2019 Grand Prix of France became perhaps the bleakest race of history, the motorsport pinnacle disappeared in the thunderous hail of anger.

A must see for fans of Formula One

Ideas such as the silly Monza qualifying, as the Formula 1 embarrassed, multiply blows the public. But there's headwind - rightly. However, it should be praised when appropriate, and after six good, sometimes spectacular races in a row, it is appropriate.

Austria, England, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy: The trend towards increased Sunday entertainment is evident - and appreciated.

Formula 1 with strong TV ratings and record attendance

Monza reported a record visit, totaling 200,000 fans were counted, of which 93,000 on Sunday when Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc triumphed before the Tifosi (and then as was swallowed by a red sea, there were fantastic pictures).

The TV-Institutions were also pleased. RTL achieved its second highest value of this season (behind Hockenheim), followed on average by 5.26 million spectators the fight between Leclerc and Mercedes, as in Spa, the decision was only on the finish line - it could not be better.

For an Italian Grand Prix, it was the strongest RTL ratio since 2013, compared to the previous year, 230,000 more people watched. In general, the formula 1 was outbid in German households on Sunday only by "crime scene" and "Tagesschau"; Sky recorded 450,000 viewers, in Austria the ORF looked at a strong average of 652,000.

Hamilton only won two out of six races

Formula 1 convinces with new old entertainment. "That's definitely the case, I think so," says Sky commentator Sasha Roos to VIP online. Surprisingly, the Grand Prix sextet was only once affected by the rain, in Hockenheim, in one of the craziest races of all time.

How come? Expert Roos states: "I think it's because Ferrari and Red Bull closed the gap to Mercedes, that the engine manufacturers - I think Renault was able to do that - managed to get closer, and that the performance level is more balanced . "

Of the six races, Lewis Hamilton won only two (England, Hungary), twice Red Bull star Max Verstappen (Austria, Germany) celebrated twice Leclerc.

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"Obviously the teams got a better understanding of the tires, which was a huge problem in the opening races, when they were the only team that could control Mercedes, so everyone got closer," says Roos.

Of course: Spa and Monza were mandatory victories for Ferrari, because both routes fit perfectly to the car - many straights, barely curves. Leclerc did the job. Teammate Sebastian Vettel not. Another story.

Formula 1: How much has to be changed for 2021?

Here Leclerc helped in addition to his high-speed bullets and the greater freedom in wheel-to-wheel duels. Recently, the flood of punishment was unbureaucratically limited, the pilots are allowed to (should!) Race.

In Monza, Leclerc fended off two Hamilton attacks with marginally extended elbows, which did not all look good, but does encourage risk-taking. And thus the tension. "Since Austria it is clear that we can go a bit further in terms of aggressiveness," emphasizes Leclerc.

"And then perhaps the concept with the cars plays into it - that you seem to be better able to drive behind them and make the races more attractive," says Sky-Mann Roos. For a long time, the Formula 1 future has been orchestrated in the background, for the 2021 season there is the overthrow, in the near future, the framework must be.

Without being fooled by summer high: Maybe not so much has to be changed as expected.

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