News : Formula 1 results from France 2019: Hamilton grabs pole position in Le Castellet – Vettel only on rank 7

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Formula 1 results from France 2019: Hamilton grabs pole position in Le Castellet - Vettel only on rank 7

In Formula 1 this year is already the 70th World Cup. From March to September 2019, the drivers have to prove themselves on a total of 21 sticks to emerge as World Champion in the end. This weekend is the 8th race of the Great price from France in Le Castellet on the program.

Formula 1 GP 2019 in Le Castellet: Results and live scores from the French Grand Prix

Immediately after each passage we will provide you here with the current results from the outdoors training, Qualifying and race of the Grand Prix of France in Le Castellet. As you see the French Grand Prix in live stream and TV, learn here,

+++ 22.06.2019: Hamilton wants to continue Formula 1 winning streak +++

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton competes in the Formula 1 race in France on Sunday (15.10 clock) against his sixth win of the season. The British Mercedes-Pilot starts from the pole position in the eighth WRC round at Le Castellet and could further extend his lead in the overall standings. Hamilton had also won last year at the Circuit Paul Ricard. Second is Finland's team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who finish third Ferrari-Pilot Charles Leclerc from Monaco. A catch-up hunt takes on Sebastian Vettel. The 31-year-old starts after a messy qualifying in Ferrari only in seventh.

+++ 22.06.2019: Hamilton takes the pole position in France +++

World championship leader Lewis Hamilton has secured pole position for the French Grand Prix. The British Formula 1 defending champion left his Finnish team-mate Valtteri Bottas clear on Saturday in qualifying at Le Castellet. Third was the Monegasse Charles Leclerc in Ferrari. His team-mate Sebastian Vettel came after several mistakes not on the disappointing seventh place out. For Hamilton, it was the 86th pole position of his career. Before the eighth round of the season on Sunday, the five-time world champion in the overall standings leads clearly ahead of Bottas and Vettel.

+++ 22.06.2019: Hülkenberg only 13th in Formula 1 qualification +++

Formula 1 driver Nico Hülkenberg has missed a good starting position in the home game of his employer Renault. The Rhinelander failed on Saturday in Le Castellet already in the second round of qualifying. After a weak round, the 31-year-old did not get past 13th place and therefore did not make it into the final chase for the top ten grid positions. The Grand Prix of France on Sunday (15:10 / RTL and Sky) is the eighth World Cup this season.

+++ 22.06.2019: Mercedes drivers also in the Formula 1 final training superior +++

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas set the fastest time in the final training session of Formula 1 ahead of the French Grand Prix. The Finn relegated World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton to second place in the other Silver Arrow on Saturday at Le Castellet. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel took fourth behind his team mate Charles Leclerc from Monaco.

The 31-year-old Vettel had complained after the first practice rounds on Friday that the technical innovations in his car did not show the hoped-for effect. During the session on Saturday afternoon, the Hesse even exchanged his seat in the cockpit again. In the end, he missed half a second on the brand of Bottas.

The Rhinelander Nico Hülkenberg finished eleventh with more than 1.8 seconds behind. At home, the prospects for his employer Renault are probably rather cloudy.

The first seven races of the season have all won Mercedes. Defending champion Hamilton leads the overall standings with 29 points ahead of stable rival Bottas. Vettel has as World Cup third ahead of the Grand Prix on Sunday (15.10 clock / RTL and Sky) 62 fewer than Hamilton.

+++ 22/06/2019: Mercedes team boss: Hamilton still has four, five Formula 1-Jahre +++

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is impressed by the maturing process of Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton. "He has grown up every year, with less emotional fluctuations, and is now more stable and integrated into the team," said the 47-year-old Austrian in the British newspaper "The Telegraph" (Saturday), the chief pilot of the Silver Arrows. Personal development is one of Hamilton's greatest assets compared to other drivers.

The Briton has won four of his five World Championship titles in the Mercedes. Before the eighth round of the season in Le Castellet in southern France on Sunday (15:10 / RTL and Sky), the 34-year-old leads the overall standings again with a clear lead.

The record of Michael Schumacher of seven World Cup triumphs have Hamilton in mind, said Wolff. "The reason why he does not say it is that there is still a sixth in between," said the team boss. If Hamilton remain motivated, he still has "another four, five" Formula 1 years in front of him, Wolff judged. Hamilton's contract with Mercedes expires in late 2020. His future after the defending champion has made dependent on the new Formula 1 regulations, which should come into force in 2021.

+++ 22.06.2019: "Must carry on": Disappointed Vettel chases pole position +++

With rage in his stomach, Sebastian Vettel on Saturday (15.00 clock) on the heavy hunt for the pole position for the Formula 1 race in France. Behind him, the Ferrari star has a black Friday, on which on and off the track was little to desire. In training, the Hesse was much slower than the Mercedes duo Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton. And in the sports judges, the Scuderia failed with the request for revision of the time penalty, the Vettel had recently tasted the victory in Canada.

"Very annoyed and disappointed" is the team about the decision of the race stewards, said team boss Mattia Binotto. "It's a pity, for the people who sit on the track or on television, it's just stupid," complained Vettel. But he also warned, "We have to continue." A lot of work lies on the Circuit Paul Ricard before Ferrari.

The problem: The technical innovations on the SF90 bring in the fight with Mercedes not as much as hoped. "It did not work out yet, we are not satisfied," admitted Vettel. The gap between the 31-year-old and his team-mate Charles Leclerc on the Silver Arrows was considerable during the practice sessions.

After seven victories in the first seven races of the season, Mercedes are again favorites in qualifying for the French Grand Prix. It was also in defending champion Hamilton in training not yet on schedule. "I had some problems, the car oversteer, but it was not something we can not fix," said the 34-year-old.

The Briton leads with 29 points ahead of his Finnish team-mate Bottas in the overall standings before the eighth round of the season on Sunday (15.10 / RTL and Sky). Vettel is in third already 62 points behind Hamilton.

+++ 21.06.2019: Vettel in France qualification only outsider +++

Sebastian Vettel has on Saturday (15.00 clock) in the hunt for the best starting place for the Formula 1 race in France only outsider opportunities. In training Le Castellet the Ferrari driver was significantly slower than the superior Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. He was not yet satisfied with the technical innovations in his car, Vettel said after the practice rounds at the Circuit Paul Ricard. The 31-year-old Hesse is already 62 points behind third place defending champion Hamilton in the overall World Cup ranking. The guest appearance in southern France is the eighth Grand Prix this season.

+++ 21.06.2019: Mercedes sets pace in the Formula 1 training of France +++

Mercedes has determined the training for the Formula 1 race in France and Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari team again clearly left behind. The Finn Valtteri Bottas set the fastest lap in the Silver Arrow at Le Castellet on Friday, followed by his British team-mate Lewis Hamilton. The British championship leader had set the fastest time in the morning, but in the afternoon was also slower than Bottas because of a small accident with a bollard. The World Cup third Vettel had to settle for fourth place behind Ferrari stable rival Charles Leclerc from Monaco. Nico Hülkenberg did not get beyond 14th in the Renault.

+++ 21.06.2019: race commissioners confirm Canada penalty for Vettel +++

Sebastian Vettel does not win the victory in the Formula 1 race in Canada. After a hearing in Le Castellet on Friday, FIA race commissioners dismissed Ferrari's request for reassessment of the controversial situation at the Montréal Grand Prix. The evidence submitted by the Scuderia was not sufficient for a lifting of the time penalty, it was justified. This leaves the actually second-placed Lewis Hamilton winner of the race on June 9, Vettel must finally settle for second place. The scandal in Canada had triggered a debate over the Formula One regulations.

+++ 21.06.2019: Hearing of Ferrari in the dispute over Vettel completed +++

In the dispute over Sebastian Vettel's punishment at the Formula 1 race in Canada, the race stewards after a hearing by the Ferrari team to advise the way forward. Laurent Mekies, Sports Director of the team, had previously presented the evidence of the Scuderia at Le Castellet on Friday before the French Grand Prix. After 35 minutes, Mekies left the hearing at the Circuit Paul Ricard again. Vettel had received because of a maneuver against Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton at the race in Montreal on June 9, a five-second penalty and therefore lost the victory subsequently to the British.

Mekies said Ferrari had "overwhelming evidence" that Vettel had committed no rule break in the controversial situation. The 31-year-old Hesse had fallen onto the grass after a mistake in the 48th round and had then pushed close to a wall on his return to the track Hamilton. Vettel assured that the action had not been intentional. The race stewards, on the other hand, punished a dangerous driving style. The verdict sparked a debate over too tight a regulation and the role of stewards.

A decision on Ferrari's request for a reassessment of the situation is expected on Friday, according to the World Federation FIA.

+++ 21.06.2019: Mercedes duo in the first Formula 1 training in France ahead +++

World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton has set the fastest time in the first Formula 1 practice before the French Grand Prix. The British defending champion relegated his Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas of Finland on Friday in Le Castellet with 0.069 seconds ahead of second place. Third was Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc from Monaco ahead of Dutchman Max Verstappen in Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel returned to the garage in fifth, more than a second behind Hamilton. The technical innovations on the Ferrari of the 31-year-old Hesse did not show the hoped-for effect on the first practice rounds. The Rhinelander Nico Hülkenberg took 12th place at the home race of his employer Renault.

+++ 20.06.2019: Hamilton because of Lagerfeld commemoration later to the racetrack +++

Formula One leader Lewis Hamilton arrived late for the French Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver was released on Thursday from his media duties before the race in Le Castellet, because he wanted to visit a memorial service for the died in February fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.

Silver Arrow team boss Toto Wolff has granted the 34-year-old British this wish, said a spokesman for the world champion racing team. The non-public tribute to Lagerfeld was scheduled for Thursday in Paris. Details of the event were initially unknown.

Hamilton designs his own clothing line. Shortly after death von Lagerfeld had honored the German star designer as "godfather of the fashion world".

For the Grand Prix of France defending champion Hamilton competes as championship leader. Mercedes has won the first seven rounds of the season.

+++ 20.06.2019: Hearing in the dispute over Vettel's canceled victory on Friday +++

In the process around the Abandoned Formula 1 victory of Sebastian Vettel in Canada The World Federation FIA has scheduled a hearing for Friday. A representative of the Ferrari team should then justify the request to the race stewards in Le Castellet before the French Grand Prix for a reassessment of the incident in Montréal on 9 June, it said in the summons on Thursday. The hearing should begin at 14.15. Vettel had received a time penalty in Canada for a maneuver in a duel with Lewis Hamilton and thus lost the victory in the seventh round of the season to the Mercedes driver, although he had come first in front of the British in the finish.

Although Ferrari had renounced in the case on the originally announced formal protest, but the so-called right to reassessment of the stewards requested. With new evidence, the Scuderia wants to convince the FIA ​​commissioners to rethink their judgment of Canada. What evidence that is, has remained open so far.

The leading Vettel had crashed in Montréal in the 48th Round after a driving mistake on the grass next to the track and had then pushed pursuers Hamilton close to a wall. The race stewards recognized it as a dangerous driving style and punished the Ferrari driver.

+++ 20.06.2019: That's what you have to know about the Grand Prix of France +++

Formula 1 brings a tricky debate in the south of France. The controversy surrounding Sebastian Vettel's disallowed victory in Canada should still be a dominant topic in the paddock ahead of the Grand Prix in Le Castellet. Sporty, however, many points to the next Mercedes success.

Why was there last trouble around Vettel?

Trigger of the Eklats in Montréal was a Fahrfehler of the German. Lying in the lead, the Ferrari rider rumbled over the grass and then pushed pursuer Lewis Hamilton close to a wall. The race stewards condemned Vettel for dangerous driving to a time penalty, by which he lost the victory to the actually second-placed Hamilton. The Hesse responded with a rage, exchanged in the finish area even the board with the one in front of Hamilton's car against the two. "This is not the sport I fell in love with," said Vettel, starting a discussion about over-strict rules and over-relenting stewards.

What were the consequences of these events?

Ferrari announced a formal protest, but renounced it. Instead, the Scuderia wants to use new evidence to persuade the race stewards to reassess the situation. The corresponding application was Ferrari at the beginning of the week at the World Federation FIA. However, a success of these efforts would be a surprise. The polyphonic protest of numerous ex-pilots will not change that. Former world champions like Jenson Button, Damon Hill or Jacques Villeneuve had sided with Vettel and criticized the judges. The exciting thing now is whether the regular guardians take the incident as an opportunity for reform.

What does that mean for the race in France?

Vettel should bring from his anger from Canada much drive for the next attack on championship leader Hamilton with to Le Castellet. But that alone should not be enough to be dangerous to the defending champion in the Silver Arrow. The track is much more accommodating to Mercedes than the course in Canada. Ferrari continues to struggle with the car's weaknesses, which are unlikely to be masked at the Paul Ricard circuit. Anything but the eighth Mercedes victory in the eighth round of the season on Sunday (15.10 clock / RTL and Sky) would be amazing.

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