News : Formula 1: Verstappen, Hamilton, Vettel: Who is traded where – and what is it

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Formula 1: Verstappen, Hamilton, Vettel: Who is traded where - and what is it

Formula 1: Verstappen, Hamilton, Vettel: Who is traded where - and what is it

Soon summer break in Formula 1, so it remains time for the driver market. This year, the exchange rumors are particularly exciting because they include Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Who is traded where - and what is it.

There are three races left until the Formula 1 summer break, at the weekend in Silverstone, then in Hockenheim (July 28) and Budapest (August 4). Earlier than usual, the "silly season" is on tour, the time for speculation in the driver market.

Actually, the matter should be clear: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen are each bound by the end of 2020 to Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. And Fernando Alonso, the veteran, has finished his Formula 1 career in 2018; That he always thought of return, provided that a passable cockpit opens, is the most open secret in the paddock.

VIP News gives an overview of who is traded where - and what is it.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull)

The rumor: Verstappen to Mercedes

The backgrounds: The 21-year-old Dutchman has little patience. "I do not want racing until I'm 35 or 40," he says, suggesting that he wants a world champion car. At the moment, Red Bull can not offer him one.

The fact is that Verstappens contract contains an exit clause; not known is their exact configuration. According to reports, he could have negotiated with other teams, provided that until the summer break, no victory would have succeeded - so far was Spielberg for Red Bull a double success.

The assessment: Max's father Jos Verstappen and Mercedes Motorsport Director Toto Wolff like each other, and the industry whispers that Verstappen junior prefers Mercedes to Ferrari. Alone: ​​Do the Silver Arrows dare an explosive duo with Hamilton / Verstappen? And what is actually with the exit clause?

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

The rumor: Hamilton to Ferrari

The backgrounds: The champion (34) is at the zenith of his creative power. This season, he heads for his sixth title, Michael Schumacher has seven, this mark can crack Hamilton. With 79 wins so far, he will also outperform Schumacher (91) under normal circumstances.

"I am Mercedes through and through, but also a Ferrari fan," Hamilton said weeks ago. The fact that he switches to the Sucderia by 2020 may be considered very unlikely, because Mercedes should remain a leader until the regulation cut in 2021 - the charm of the records, see above.

The assessment: At Ferrari Charles Leclerc is set in the medium term, a "Dream Team" with Hamilton and Vettel in red will not exist. If Vettel quits the service in frustration, Hamilton is the logical alternative. And should not every great pilot have driven for Ferrari once ...? Consequential effect: Without Hamilton, Mercedes would do more than ever to Verstappen (must).

Sebastian Vettel

The rumor: Vettel to Red Bull

The backgrounds: Also in the fifth attempt it's probably nothing with the longed for Ferrari title. Vettel is unhappy with Formula 1 ("Not the sport I've fallen in love with"), and he's obviously lacking the backing he was used to from the Red Bull era.

There Vettel continues to be a welcome guest. The contact never broke off, father Norbert gets on well with Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko. The band between Vettel and Mercedes-Boss Wolff, who was even invited to his 30th birthday in 2017, is just as well-groomed.

The assessment: The liaison with Ferrari is not broken, but not a dream marriage anymore. A return to Red Bull does not have to be an illusion, especially when Verstappen actually goes. On the other hand, Vettel emulates the dream of the Ferrari title, still.

Alonso is speculating on Mercedes

It would be conceivable a circulation transfer: Verstappen to Mercedes, Hamilton for Ferrari, Vettel as Verstappen successor to Red Bull.

Meanwhile, the soon-to-be-38-year-old Alonso, currently active in the Endurance World Championship, will be looking for a place at Mercedes where Valtteri Bottas is not a world champion but a solid point supplier. And do not make trouble. In addition, Mercedes replacement driver Esteban Ocon is waiting for his chance. Alonso is traded at Red Bull, where Pierre Gasly is heavily criticized.

A pairing Hamilton / Alonso would be similar to Hamilton / Verstappen and Verstappen / Alonso fantastic for Formula 1. However, it is difficult to imagine and even harder to negotiate. Unfortunately.

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