News : Formula 1: Vettel against Leclerc in Spa without a chance – change of guard initiated

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Formula 1: Vettel against Leclerc in Spa without a chance - change of guard initiated

No chance against Leclerc in Spa: Vettel's change of guard at Ferrari has been initiated

Charles Leclerc wins the first Formula 1 race of his career in Spa, while Sebastian Vettel disappointed, the former world champion has no chance against his young teammate, thus solidifying a trend that is gradually scratching at Vettel's status.

Sebastian Vettel's chair remained empty on Sunday evening in the Ferrari Motorhome. The German apologized for his media round because he (allegedly) had to leave earlier from Spa - which had the side effect of being able to flee from unpleasant truths.

The cardinal question was about why Vettel over Grand Prix weekend completely chance remained against team colleague Charles Leclerc, who finally, in the 13th attempt, scored the first Ferrari win of the season (and his first ever). Vettel was beaten fourth.

"Hardly done" he and "just did not find the feeling," Vettel had previously said in TV cameras. Leclerc's success was unlikely to elucidate his mood, especially with the veil of the tragic death of junior racer Anthoine Huber. It was dark days for motorsport.

Ferrari has "no answer" for Vettel's problems

Important is the look for relations. Insofar Vettel had to explain only sporting abuses. "Of course I'm not satisfied with my performance," he said, "I was not able to get in front of it."

The gap in qualifying was dramatic, with over seven tenths missing on Leclerc, not years in Formula One, but galaxies.

He has "no answer" for the discrepancy of his pilots confessed Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto, but tried to cause research: "Sebastian has suffered more from the tire degradation, this is certainly due to the set-up." He is usually very good in managing the tires. "

Spa was not normal. In every sense. Leclerc won the sixth qualifying duel in a row against Vettel, the former champion of the flying round (56 pole positions), and for the first time the Monegasse was clearly better in the race trim as well.

Vettel is relegated to Edelhelfer for Leclerc

It culminated in the fact that Vettel was demoted to Edelhelfer. First, he had to luch Leclerc, because this was on a different strategy ("Let him over," sparked the Ferrari box). Then Vettel was not allowed to renew the tire change, but got the not so pretty task to slow down the onward Lewis Hamilton.

That he managed five laps, Leclerc ultimately saved the victory; his lead in the finish was less than a second. "I think with one lap more, it would have been difficult to keep Lewis behind me," he said. It was a small consolation for Vettel.

The turnaround at Ferrari has begun, although the parties do not want to admit it. Striking, however, that the stable director, which was implemented at the beginning of the season per Vettel, now turns out in a contrary pendulum movement. Because Leclerc is simply faster.

Its debut victory should be a significant development step, so far made Leclerc too many avoidable mistakes, which cost points and nerves. Nevertheless, ex-champion Nico Rosberg called the changing of the guard before the start of the race in Spa.

"Ferrari should make Vettel the number two"

"Vettel should be the number one, but Leclerc really pulls him off It's about time to make Leclerc the number one and Vettel to number two," said Rosberg in a video blog.

Vettel is in the fifth year at Ferrari, the goal is unchanged: become world champion, for the fifth time, but for the first time with the Scuderia. Like Michael Schumacher. Meanwhile, the winner of 52 Formula 1 races piled up internal resistance.

Vettel in the World Cup standings before Leclerc twelve points, the championship leader Hamilton is about a demoralizing 99 points hurry. He was convinced that Vettel "will still get opportunities in the future," said Binotto, before the pack for the Ferrari home game Genza set off.

If he is not wrong.

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