News : Formula 1: Vettel – and then? These are the biggest German motorsports talents

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Formula 1: Vettel - and then? These are the biggest German motorsports talents

Formula 1: Vettel - and then? These are the biggest German motorsports talents

Sebastian Vettel is stuck for a year in the creative crisis. In Ferrari, the 32-year-old can hardly move anything, the hopes dwindle. But what comes to Vettel? FOCUS Online shows the most hopeful German talent.

The 20 cockpits in Formula 1 are in great demand. These six German riders may hope to get a chance in the elite class of motorsport in the near future:

Mick Schumacher

The 20-year-old is fast, capable of learning - and has the big name and the money to make his way in Formula One. The first season in Formula 2 is running mixed, but the competition with many experienced drivers is also great.

Annoying for Mick: Guanyu Zhou and Anthoine Hubert are also rookies in Formula 2 and present themselves much better. Zhou knows Mick well from the times shared in the same Formula 3 team. At that time Mick was even faster than the Chinese of the same age.

David Schumacher

The 18-year-old son of Ralf Schumacher is said to be as talented as his cousin Mick. However, his promotion to Formula Regional Europe after just one year in Formula 4 could prove counterproductive. The newly formed class is not so well staffed, there are not so many good cars. David is currently third out of 15 drivers in the series.

Daniel Abbot

In Formula E, he is still in the shadow of Lucas di Grassi, although not quite as strong as the first three years. For him, there is only Formula E.

A Formula One engagement has become a long way off, but Abt is well positioned for its future. He has a long reach in social networks and Abt Sportsline will find a place for him. A commitment in the extreme E would also be conceivable.

Maximilian Günther

The 22-year-old was always a good driver, but also no one who has set the big highlights. Medially, Günther struggles, he prefers to stay in the background and remains pale in public. Nevertheless, he impressed in the Formula E season. He's riding a backbench team with Dragon, but that's really good.

Pascal Wehrlein

Very fast driver, who could prevail at any time, for example, at Haas opposite Romain Grosjean. However, his future is also more in Formula E.

Sophia Flörsch

In Formula Regional Europe, Sophia Flörsch has become somewhat quieter. She should have started earlier in the W Series - the women's series. 21-year-old British racing driver Jamie Chadwick uses this stage as a showcase and is now a Williams simulator rider.

The races Flörsch 2019 are showing are solid. Above all, they prove that she put away the crash in Macau in 2018. She has little experience with the car, the results are fine.

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