News : Formula 1: Vettel can not be satisfied with his record at Ferrari

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Formula 1: Vettel can not be satisfied with his record at Ferrari

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel can not be satisfied with his record at Ferrari

Over 300 days Sebastian Vettel is waiting for a Formula 1 victory. The fifth season of the soon 32-year-old for Ferrari is developing into one of his worst. It should be like Idol Michael Schumacher the year of triumph.

A look back at the previous Vettel years at Ferrari, after the native Heppenheimer changed for the 2015 season with four world titles from Red Bull to Scuderia:

FACT SHEET 2015: Vettel is third in Melbourne at the start of the season in his first race for Ferrari. In the second race of the year, he gets the first victory in the car of the traditional Scuderia, which had pulled through before the season next to Vettel further personnel changes. New team boss is the former cigarette manager Maurizio Arrivabene.

After the first success Vettel may celebrate two more victories (Hungary and Singapore) in the Ferrari 2015. In the classification he occupies behind Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg (both Mercedes) at the end of the third world championship course. A kick-off, which certainly gives confidence to Vettel and Ferrari fans.

Vettel mobs by radio

BEGINNING YEAR 2016: No victory. Vettel makes it to second place three times and three times, third. In the final bill, it is only enough for fourth place. Vettel is irritated, mobbing by radio especially at the race in Mexico.

HOPE YEAR 2017: Vettel finishes after 553 days with a victory in Melbourne his unsuccessful - and it goes on promising: second, first, second, second, first. In the summer break, the Hesse says goodbye with 14 points ahead.

But then break Ferrari and Vettel: Technical defects slow Vettel, added errors. The former Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne rumbles in the background and also in public. Within five races Vettel's little cushion will make 59 points behind Hamilton. That's it.

"I was certainly not always up to par"

REPEAT YEAR 2018: Again it starts as if it could work this time. Vettel wins the first two races. But it does not continue like that. Vettel himself contributes, the four-time champion makes a number of mistakes, as in the home race at the Hockenheimring: Lying in the lead, he comes off shortly before the end of the track. Tire pile instead of winners podium. "I was certainly not always up to par when looking back," he admits as a seasonal conclusion.

FEHL STARTING YEAR 2019: Test driving world champion Ferrari, nothing more. The Scuderia dominates the practice rounds before the season. Meanwhile, Arrivabene is no longer in office, engineer Mattia Binotto takes over. The reality hits Ferrari but then hard. Mercedes drives again in its own league, wins all previous races (8). The plan to drive to the title in the fifth year with Ferrari, like Schumacher, has already failed.


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