News : Fourth edition of URBAN FIT DAYS in Berlin

News :

Fourth edition of URBAN FIT DAYS in Berlin

How do I get healthy, alert and fit through everyday life? What can I do for my physical and internal well-being? What are the hottest novelties on the market and where do I even find contact points for my very own needs? All this can be experienced on two days with like-minded people and the sporty community of Berlin: over 50 brands, 120 free workouts, workshops and talks as well as all sorts of culinary delights on the Fit Food Market. The following athletes, personal trainers and coaches will be present: BB Thomaz, Tim Wacker, the Pürzel brothers, Patrick Meinart, Johannes Kwella, Elisha Crowd, Yannik Garling, Kofi Prah, Pascal Heymann, Niklas Jauch, Philipp Berger, Kati Blödorn, Nadine Gina, Minhtwo, Petair and many more In addition, there are other fitness program providers such. BREAKLETICS, LES MILLS and the FLYING STEPS.

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