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Friday game: Dortmund wins 3: 1 - Sport

At 20:20 he was welcomed by the stadium announcer, undoubtedly the most prominent newcomer whom the 1. FC Köln had imported this summer. Half a dozen cheerleaders formed the trellis for his invasion, the Fankurve applauded lively, fanfare sounds came from the speakers. With a firm step he entered the lawn, confident and unimpressed by the noise and the rumble of the 50,000 people in the stands. Geißbock Hennes IX is a handsome fellow, a strikingly different appearance from his rather petite, endearing predecessor Hennes VIII.

1. FC Köln could have needed those with his animal strength in the encounter with Borussia Dortmund when the delicate final phase set in and it was about bringing at least a partial success from the position of the weaker to the finish. But it did not baffle anyone that the Cologne coach Achim Beierlorzer refrained from switching to the new Geißbock, and in the end was also no one among the 50,000 seriously surprised that the BVB won the game by two late goals with 3: 1. But still won, as can be said.

Bundesliga Let's go! Festival!

Here we go! Festival!

The 1. FC Köln was a kind of FC Bayern second division last season - but is now oriented to Paderborn and Augsburg. Six descents have changed the self-image of the club.By Philipp Selldorf

Representatives of both parties later remarked on the substitutions and substitutions, not because of the absence of Hennes IX, but because the changes on one side and the other exerted great influence. While Lucien Favre with the use of Julian Brandt, Achraf Hakimi and Jacob Bruun Larsen the BVB offensive added a lot of horsepower, his Cologne colleague had to replace a player in the 53rd minute, he could not replace, and its absence, the Cologne strategically clearly limited. "Jhon Cordoba has already missed us then", stated the Cologne sports chief Armin Veh.

Mood on Rose Monday level

By the time the Colombian attacker, once a disgusting 17 million euro fool, now considered indispensable, was forced to vacate his post due to a muscle injury, he had not only bothered his constant opponent, center back right defender Manuel Akanji again and again effectively intervened in the Dortmund game structure. For the senior bosses and thought leaders of BVB, Axel Witsel and Mats Hummels, Cordoba was a constant disruptive factor. "FC FC Beierlorzer noted that this loss had been" annoying ", as otherwise only a second reason to complain:" It was a very good game of ours - unfortunately God without wages. "

During the first half, Borussia coach Favre often had the opportunity to express his most typical facial expression - his expression was worrisome, he regularly appeared on the sideline to sort out what did not want to get organized. Throughout the week, Favre and sports director Michael Zorc had the team through public and internal appeals to know that against the presumed highly motivated promoters sharpness and intensity are in demand. Exactly that was very little to see during the first 45 minutes. "No solution forward, too slow, not single-minded", so it described the observer Roman Bürki, who was finally infected by the increasing errors of his front people themselves. At the score of 0: 1 - Dominik Drexler had hit after a corner kick (29) - lost the Swiss goalkeeper almost the ball to the said troublemaker Cordoba, to 0: 2 lacked there not much. As a "folk festival" Cologne should understand this game, Beierlorzer had previously taught, and indeed the mood was in this difficult for BVB phase at least on Rose Monday level.

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