News : Fritz Keller: Freiburg President should be new DFB boss

News :

Fritz Keller: Freiburg President should be new DFB boss

Fritz Keller should become the new DFB boss. The president of the Bundesliga club SC Freiburg has been proposed by the identification committee of the German Football Association for the Office. On September 27, Keller is expected to stand for election as part of the DFB Bundestag. The association announced in a statement.

Although Keller must initially the Conference of Regional and State Associations and the General Assembly of the German Football League (DFL) ask, but it is considered certain that the proposal of the Findungskommission also appointed President.

Keller will take over from DFB President Reinhard Grindel, who resigned in April. Grindel had vacated his post as a result of the luxury watch affair, in which he had accepted a luxury watch as a gift.

"Fritz Keller is undoubtedly an extraordinary personality with all the qualities for the office of the DFB President," the DFB Vice President Rainer Koch is quoted in the message. "Decades of experience with close ties to professional and amateur football, including women's football and youth work, as well as a great entrepreneurial life's achievement set him apart."

Keller is active in addition to his work as a football official as a winemaker and restaurateur.

In July, criticism was made about the selection process of the DFB. Saxony's football boss Hermann Winkler called the presidential search "the most intransparent and undemocratic procedure (...) that one can imagine".

"The selection process was accompanied by a renowned personnel consultancy," writes the DFB in its statement.

As the SPIEGEL reported, the DFB had previously received some cancellations for the post of association president. According to the former Adidas boss Herbert Hainzer, the long-time Chairman of the Board of Commerzbank, Klaus-Peter Müller, and also the former Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière rejected the post.

In his statement, the DFB writes that Keller was the first and only candidate with whom the selection committee had talks.

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