News : Frodeno completes his homemade Ironman in Girona and raises 200,000 euros

News :

Frodeno completes his homemade Ironman in Girona and raises 200,000 euros

Jan Frodeno, running on the treadmill and smiling while talking on the mobile

Spectacular about the triathlete Jan Frodeno. It had been proposed a challenge that surpasses all the limits that have been and for having. We are surely talking about the biggest challenge ever seen at home: completing an IRONMAN confined to your home. "I want to swim 3.8 kilometers, bike 180km and run a marathon. Everything at home between sunrise and sunset ”, he commented. Said and done. This Saturday, for eight and a half hours, he has completed his promise and has raised the not inconsiderable figure of 200,000 euros that will be allocated together with the 'Laureus Sport for Good' Foundation to launch a project in Cologne, his hometown in Germany and for health workers at the Girona hospital (donations can be made on the page).

He had assured that he was not in shape ...

"I don't like to generalize. There are great gestures and efforts to help, much greater than mine. Also there are soccer players who believe that they should continue to receive the same, even though many people are losing their jobs. There are all kinds of people in the world, so I think it is important that we do our best, ”he had commented the day before facing this homemade‘ madness ’.

At 8:10, pool and donations start

It started at 8:10 in the morning. At that time, the donations have also been fired. It has taken 47 minutes and 31 seconds to complete the 3.8 kilometers swimming, copying his registration in Kona from last October. Then it was the turn of the 180 kilometers by bicycle, which he carried out on the roller with the famous Zwift platform. He had planned to complete this part in about 4h20 ′, but has reduced the time in 10 minutes regarding their initial schemes.

Finally, the marathon. He had commented analyzing the challenge in the previous one that "the marathon will be survival because I am not fit". As well, in two hours and 58 minutes running on a treadmill and in a relaxed atmosphere, while making a video call and smiling. That means doing it at 4’12 ″ / km. It is not bad at all to be as low as I was saying. In total, eight hours, 34 minutes and almost 200,000 euros raised.

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