News : From 'recordman' to weightlifting and running an ultra without training

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From 'recordman' to weightlifting and running an ultra without training

Ryan Hall faces a new challenge

The United States is the country where the most unthinkable things can come true. An NBA star can play baseball, elite athletes can be Hollywood actors in the blink of an eye and even, as is the case we are going to describe, A national record for a half marathon can go from weight lifting to running an ultramarathon without even training. Well, at least give it a try. We are talking about Ryan Hall, who retired from professional athletics in 2016 and still holds the national record for half a marathon with 59:43. A record he achieved in Houston in 2007. His personal best in the marathon is 2:06:17 London'08.

A movie story

Hall said goodbye, as we said in 2016 after a prolific career as one of the best North American long distance runners in history at the age of 34. Since then he has dedicated himself to weight lifting (weightlifting), a radical change in his life ... and in his physical appearance. He has gone from having the lean and lean body so typical of long distance runners to gaining brutal volume and noticeably increasing his weight. Last Saturday Hall announced in his networks that he was returning to athletics. But he will not do it in the half marathon or in the distance of Filípides, but in an ultramarathon.

Specifically in the Grand Traverse Mountain Run, which will be held on September 5 in Crested Butte, Colo. The strongest part of the case is that Hall assures that in all of 2020 he has gone out to run five times and that he wants to make it "more epic" by not even having trained for such a great challenge. It is about 65.4km and a positive slope of 1880 meters.

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