News : From the athletic past of Mónica García to 3:52 of Edmundo Bal in Valencia

News : From the athletic past of Mónica García to 3:52 of Edmundo Bal in Valencia

Mónica García and Edmundo Bal, lovers of athletics

The elections to the Community of Madrid had a marked athletic tinge. There are several candidates who are or have been related to this sport in one way or another. The one most likely to be the mayor for ‘More Madrid’ Mónica García, who even participated in a Spanish Championship 18 years ago in a photo that has circulated on social networks and in which he appears on Calle 4 and with the number 333. García, a lover of the mountains and who during the campaign has been posting photos ‘disconnecting’ in the Sierra de Madrid, has made his party the second most voted force with more than 600,000 votes. It will act as the main opposition party before the overwhelming victory of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the PP.

Monica He stood out in his beginnings in disciplines such as heptathlon, the javelin throw and the 100-meter hurdles (Precisely in this last one he reached the semifinals in some Spanish Championships). His personal best in the 100-meter hurdles (running for the Madrid Marathon Club) is 14.77, while in the 60 hurdles it is 10:53, achieved in 1991 on the indoor track.

Bal, at 5: 30 / km in Valencia

Another candidate who is very fond of running is Edmundo Bal, from Ciudadanos. In this he coincides with his party partner Begoña Villacís. Bal actually participated in the last marathon in Valencia, where he managed to stop the clock in 3 hours and 52 minutes. The mayor ran at a pace of 5:30 / km. In addition, a video has also run on social networks these days in which the Madrid native is seen running with a most peculiar style. But boy, what counts is the intention and enjoying this wonderful sport.

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