News : Fsiha, from refugee to European champion and end up sanctioned

News :

Fsiha, from refugee to European champion and end up sanctioned

Fsiha has tested positive for a doping control

It's hard. Difficult to treat once again a case of doping in the world of athletics. Another example, in addition, of a name TOP, reputed, which has made headlines, but dirty by the terrible stain of the trap. There are too many recent times. Kenyan athlete Wilson Kipsang, a bronze medalist in the 2012 London Olympic marathon, former half marathon world champion in Valencia Abraham Kiptum or also Kenyan Sammy Kitwara have been the names of glimmering that have 'fallen', but many others without much Poster have been swept away by the darkness of doping. Unfortunately we have to report another collapse. That of one of the most promising athletes on the European scene, the Swedish-born Eritrea Robel Fsiha.

He fled Eritrea with barely 16 years

Refugee to the Scandinavian country after fleeing his native country, he achieved Swedish nationality and competed for his host country in 2018. He would soon give the first joys and great results to Sweden and prove that he was a special athlete and could do great things. Last year, with just 22 years old, he left his mark making a very good 61:19 mark at the Edreams Mitja Marató in Barcelona, ​​but especially on the cross, where he finished as the best European in the World Cup and then hung the medal of gold a couple of months ago in the European. Praise and praise from everywhere that have been totally overshadowed by the news of his positive in a doping control as reported by the Swedish Athletics Federation. The agency itself has made the result public and has immediately suspended the athlete provisionally.

According to Swedish media, the test was carried out last November, so it would fully affect that gold medal he won at the Lisbon European Championship. In fact, the Swedish Federation has offered a press conference announcing the measures: “The result of the analysis means that Robel Fsiha has been sanctioned until further notice and It is still under investigation. At present, you cannot provide more detailed information on the matter. ”

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