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FuelCell TC and FuelCell RC Elite

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite
New Balance FuelCell RC Elite

New Balance launches the collection FuelCell of running shoes with carbon plate. If last year he launched the spectacular 5280 model, a shoe that some of us classify as the closest to a nail shoe on the asphalt, now he is joined by two purebloods such as FuelCell TC Y FuelCell RC Elite.

Before giving the main details of each one, it must be said that, with this presentation, New Balance, which already advanced to the competition with 5280, continues its commitment to combine advanced materials in the midsole, combined with fiber plates carbon

In fact, as we move forward in the presentation of the 5280, within the framework of the FuelCell range, in New York last year, this is a long-term work that begins New Balance in 2017 and culminates with 5280 in May 2019. Now , the FuelCell family expands, but with carbon fiber as the protagonist.

That the formula works is evident because Jennifer Simpson, multi-player of the Mile of the 5th Avenue of New York, achieved her eighth consecutive victory, but, already with 5280 in the feet, beating the record of the test. All the work and experience accumulated in the development is what now allows the arrival of new models such as FuelCell TC and FuelCell RC Elite.

These new models have already left the oven and we are going to see them this season already at the feet of New Balance athletes, both for competitions of all kinds, and facing the next Tokyo Olympics, where they could give the bell .

Since there are already athletes who are competing and breaking records with models in question, from New Balance they emphasize that their athletes will be able to compete in “fairer and more equal circumstances”, While enjoying models that allow them to do their best and reach the highest level possible.

These are the two new models:


  • Shoe with energy return for training and competition. Competition model, but with elements that guarantee greater durability so that it can be used in those most important training or preparation keys.
  • Integrates the same compounds used in the FuelCell 5280.
  • It has a carbon plate that provides greater stiffness to the forefoot.
  • The rubber outsole on the forefoot provides additional durability and greater stability.
  • Weight 263gr.
  • Price: € 200
  • Launch on February 14.
  • Launch in Spain and Portugal: April


  • Sneakers with energy return competition for elite athletes and marathon runners of good level.
  • Model made to run at maximum speed.
  • The very lightweight Dynaride outsole provides excellent traction in the most dynamic conditions.
  • Sneakers with greater compound in the midsole that guarantee a greater return of energy and rebound.
  • Weight 198gr.
  • Price: € 230
  • launch: March 24.
  • Launch in Spain and Portugal: September

New Balance has taken advantage of the presentation of these two new models to show its concern about the decision of World Athletics (the former IAAF) to make transcendental product decisions without consulting the sports shoe industry in a meaningful way. This comes up with the recent limitations demanded by World Athletics, which have a great impact on both the consortium of most sports companies and the athletes who wear their products.

In that sense, New Balance wanted to make it clear that it has been committed to athletics for more than 60 years and that together with WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry) it will continue to dialogue with World Athletics to ensure that there are no athletes running at a disadvantage to sports equipment and promote innovation in the industry, advocating that it be done under standards that guarantee justice and sports equality.

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