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Functions, Features, Price and Reviews

How to relieve muscle overloads derived from training that cause fatigue, muscle spasms and ... pain, is one of our great concerns as athletes. In our day to day we generate stress to the locomotor system, mainly in the muscle mass, and muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, lumbar, biceps or pectorals are "victims”Of our activity.

At this point, massage appears strongly as a therapy applied since ancient times to recover the muscles of the training loads and thus prevent the dreaded injuries. Massage has become an essential therapy if we seek optimal muscle recovery, improve mobility and flexibility, or relieve pain.

Today there are countless devices and techniques in order to help eliminate these dreaded discomforts: manual massage, foam roller, ball with spikes, electrostimulators, creams, anti-inflammatories, cryotherapy, etc.). Today we focus our attention on a device that has burst into force in the last year, the massage gun, specifically analyzing and testing one of the models that we consider the most outstanding in the market in terms of value for money, the addsfit.

Addsfit Massage Gun: Functions and Features

Percussion therapy is one that treats muscle tissue with rapid and vertical movements, which generates a neuromuscular response that has different effects. The most outstanding:

-Ease the pain.

-Reduce muscle recovery time.

-Contribute to improve the movement of our muscles.

-Lymphatic drainage. It helps to drain the waste generated by sports activity.

-Increases blood flow, activating circulation.

-Helps eliminate and reduce lactic acid.

-Another of the most popular uses is to firm the skin and reduce cellulite as well as its use for warming up before exercise.

The key elements when choosing a massage gun They are defined mainly by the depth that the head is capable of reaching (expressed in mm), the frequency (percussion per minute) and the force that the device deploys on each percussion. In the background, accessories, materials and battery life should be highlighted.

The Addsfit massage gun stands out from the competition with these features:

▶ ️ Percussion depth and intensity. The pistol offers 1700-3300 percussions per minute (9 adjustable speeds) with a depth of percussion of 12 millimeters, and a percussion force of 15kg. This form of auto-myofacial release allows reaching deep tissue.

▶ ️Accessories: it has 5 heads of different shapes and hardnesses anti-perspirant, anti-scale and antibacterial. In addition, the silicone finish protects the soft tissue and the areas around the bone.

▶ ️Silent. It comes equipped with an aerodynamic casing that reduces noise as it is an acoustically absorbent material composed of a mixture of PA66 and 15% fiberglass, commonly used for military purposes (in operation it does not exceed 39 decibels in maximum intensity mode ).

▶ ️Long-lasting battery. The battery is comprised of six rechargeable 2500mAH Li-ion batteries. Each charge lasts up to 6 hours of use and according to the brand itself, it proved to maintain the same capacity after a test of 1600 charge and discharge cycles.

▶ ️ Package includes: 1 addfit massage gun, 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 5 massage heads, 1 charging adapter, 1 travel bag, 1 user manual, 1 massage book, 3-year warranty. Among the materials, a practical manual is provided with recommendations of the different hardnesses and shapes to combine to achieve different levels of impact and treat specific muscle groups:

Price and Opinions gun Addsfit

In recent years the muscle massage gun It has become a tool to take into account thanks to the benefits it brings.

If the first devices had a not particularly popular price (close to € 500 in the case of Hypervolt, one of Hyperice's star products) today, with the market offering a multitude of massage guns at a better price, their use it has become popular. Now it is no longer limited to physiotherapy centers but has made the leap to home use and the truth is that just by trying it you quickly realize the reasons for its success.

Powerful, functional, quiet, durable and easy to use. After having tried different models, the addsfit model has surprised me for good, both for its design and for its functionality. Specifically, the depth (up to 12mm) and intensity of percussion stand out, reaching 3300 percussions per minute and 15kg in maximum intensity mode, ideal for lovers of strong emotions and deep massages.

It is a versatile product with a huge useful life, which provides us with different functionalities at an affordable price of € 159 (now with a discount coupon of € -30).

addsfit Massage Gun, Portable Percussion Massager, 9 Speeds, Silent 39dB, 5 Heads, Performance Enhancement, récupération de forme physique
Price: € 159.99

You save: € 20.00 (11%) (eleven %)

Since its appearance, the addsfit model is one of the best valued options by users, generating many positive opinions for its value for money, the duration of the battery, the intensity it reaches, accessories, the design and materials used and the fact that it comes with a practical case.

And, most importantly, the user can benefit from the benefits of vibration therapy.

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