News : Future of Hansi Flick: door open, door closed – sport

News : Future of Hansi Flick: door open, door closed – sport

Hansi Flick has a habit that is very useful in his job. He regularly emphasizes this habit, but many people don’t believe it. It really sounds like an empty phrase: He only lives in the here and now, says Flick, almost always in exactly these words. And by that he means: I don’t think about the past, about my time as a Bayern player for example – and I don’t think about the future. The time as a national coach?

Of course these are excuses, but that’s how Flick really works. On Saturday he even refused to think two weeks ahead. After the 4-0 win against Stuttgart, he would have found good reasons to send a small greeting to the competition, after the international break it is off to the top game in Leipzig. You can try to elicit a few combative sentences from him at the press conference, but you will get answers like these: “You really have to admit that: Today is the joy that we have eleven weeks with 18 games with someone like that Have finished the result, “he said after the win against VfB Stuttgart.

Flick does what he can: He doesn’t fuel anything, but doesn’t exclude anything either

So it’s no wonder that Flick is also silent on the national coach question, but in this case the silence can be seen as demonstrative. The topic is already on the market, at the weekend the incumbent Joachim Löw officially emphasized that “Hansi has excellent qualifications” for the DFB job. Flick knows that any hint of willingness would cause a lot of excitement in the company, especially at Bayern, with whom he has a lot planned in the next few weeks. Flick does what he can do, he doesn’t fuel anything, but he doesn’t exclude anything either. On the weekend, his superior Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also made whatever contribution he can make by virtue of his office: In an interview with the World on sunday the club boss assured that Flick will continue to work at Bayern beyond the summer. “That is a fact,” said Rummenigge, “we are well advised to finish what we have contractually agreed. I communicated this to Hansi in no uncertain terms.”

Of course, Rummenigge has no interest in looking for a coach again in the last six months of his tenure or in publicly messing with RB Leipzig, whose coach Julian Nagelsmann the Munich team should have in mind if the worst comes to the worst. Rummenigge has now closed the door for Flick, at least symbolically, but the Bavarians are of course aware of one thing: this door is only really closed when Hansi Flick says “I’ll stay with FC Bayern”. And this sentence has not yet been uttered, at least publicly.

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