News : Galen Rupp, 60:22 Marcon on Eugene’s ‘Top Secret’ Media

News : Galen Rupp, 60:22 Marcon on Eugene’s ‘Top Secret’ Media

Galen Rupp, at the moment of crossing the finish line / Eugene Half Marathon

No one had reported, not even the organization, the place, or the time. To fully respect the coronavirus regulations and avoid generating media and public expectation, the Eugene Half Marathon has finally ended at 10am in a wooded area beautiful near the Row River, in Lane County, Oregon (USA). All that aura of mystery has turned the test into a ‘boom’ during the day on Twitter and practically here we have already received the final result and little else. And, from what you see, the test was not bad at all.

Rupp, intractable

The victory was taken by the American Galen Rupp with a frame of 60’22 ”. Rupp, Olympic medalist of the 10,000 in London 2012 and in the marathon in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Wearing AlphaFly Next%, Rupp, has achieved, eye to the data, the third best national mark in history in the half marathon. He has set a pace of 2: 52 / km and has managed to get almost a minute out of the second classified, the Japanese Suguru Osako (61:15). Osako holds the national marathon records of 3,000 and 5,000. The Japanese has remained quite far from the national record of the average (60 ′ dives), while the best American national brand continues in the hands of Ryan Hall (59:43). But do not trust.

One of the curiosities of the race has been the peculiar nasal strip that Rupp wore, nothing comparable to what is usually seen so far.

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