News : Galimany destroys his personal brand in the Seville Half Marathon

News :

Galimany destroys his personal brand in the Seville Half Marathon

Galimany poses with her two companions on the podium

The Italian Eyob Faniel and the Polish Izabela Trzaskalska they won this Sunday the twenty-fifth edition of EDP ​​Half Marathon of Seville, disputed on an urban circuit by the historical helmet of the Hispanic capital, breaking the forecasts that gave favorites to the African athletes.

Faniel, a runner of Eritrean origin, broke the test record thanks to its time of 1 hour and 44 seconds (1h00: 44) and maintained a vibrant duel with his Ethiopian neighbors: Kasahy Atsebha, which exceeded for only two seconds at the end of a vibrant sprint; Y Agunafr Bekele, third with a time of 1h01: 35.

Among the Spaniards, the sixth position of Víctor García stood out, an athlete specialized in obstacles that debuted in the distance and was sixth with a very worthy mark of 1h06: 14 that predicts good things in his transition to asphalt.

Galimany launches a notice to look for the Olympic minimum also in Seville

The Polish Izabela Trzaskalska won the women's test with a time of 1h11: 09, although the most striking was the second place of Marta Galimany, who pulverized his personal record (1h11: 13) and showed his letters for the achievement of the Olympic minimum in marathon that he will try in a month also in Seville.

The merit of the Catalan Galimany is perceived in her victory over the British Lilly Partridge, one of the best European specialists, winner of the “Media” in Seville in 2018 and could not follow her in the last kilometer, so she finished third with 1h11: 31.

The 200m butterfly Olympic champion, Mireia Belmonte, participated in the race in a program sponsored by one of its sponsors, Banana de Canarias, and managed to cover 21,097 meters with a 1h39: 30 mark.

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