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Garmin Edge 830: how to navigate and create routes

Garmin edge 830 navigation

If you are considering buying the Garmin Edge 830 or you already have it in your particular collection, but you do not finish taking advantage of it in the section of navigation, You may want to consider what follows.

As we saw in the full product review, the Garmin Edge 830 is one of the best cycling GPS cycling computers on the market and an excellent choice for navigate, create routes and import tracks from different platforms. This last point is precisely what we are going to focus on this time.

Do you know how to create a route with the Garmin Edge 830? Do you have any idea how a track can be imported? Do you want to pair your Garmin with Strava? This and much more below.

Navigate with the Garmin Edge 830

The Garmin Edge 830 is next to the Edge 1030 the best Garmin GPS for surf. Thanks to the touch screen and unlike what happens with the Edge 530 that works with buttons, you can view the map and the route with great ease. Zooming in or out of the map is extremely easy and the navigation functions are very intuitive.

The touch control It has greatly improved over its predecessor. The screen of the old Edge 820 had handling problems and between drops of sweat and lack of sensitivity the navigation was not exactly comfortable.

Now, in addition to enjoying more autonomy, you can navigate on your MTB or road bike without having to be constantly on the screen.

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Navigation has become faster and more intuitive

The cycle computer incorporates by default a color basemap and a routable map. This implies that you can navigate to a specific street or a geographical point of interest. In 530 you will have to do it using manual points. The points of interest (POI) that it incorporates can be streets, gas stations or restaurants. As we will see later, this speeds up the path creation without having to resort to external platforms.

In addition, navigation incorporates functions such as Climb Pro that allows you to view the different ports or long slopes of the route. Garmin itself is able to anticipate what is coming and tells you the percentage of slope or the remaining mileage until you reach the top. Use this function on a bikepacking route and the truth is that it is greatly appreciated.

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Cities, streets, restaurants ... Garmin incorporates a long list of points of interest

Obviously the Edge 830 also has the ability to recalculate routes at any time and like other devices it allows you return to the beginning of the route. Precisely in this last function it lets you choose the journey that interests you the most depending on whether you are looking for minimize distance, climb or time. With this, the supposed shortcuts in which you had to climb a 7-kilometer port were finished. Obviously you always have the option to turn back and follow the track that you yourself are creating during the tour.

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Now you can recalculate routes based on different variables

Parallel to these functions, the gadget also incorporates the trendline function. A real bombshell that allows you browse the most frequented routes in the area without having to know the roads or the environment.

Garmin through Garmin Connect detects the most common routes and offers you the possibility to enjoy them without fear of getting lost. You can filter by variables such as the distance of the route. This feature is of special interest to cyclists who travel often for either leisure or work.

This device also allows you to configure the warning of turn-by-turn navigation. Something especially thought for very twisted descents of mountain passes or MTB tracks. Lovers of fat wheels are also in luck with the Trailforks function that informs about the state of the trails and allows you to visualize dynamic metrics in real time like the Grit & Flow.

Create routes and import tracks with the Garmin Edge 830

One of the big problems as far as gps cycle computers refers comes at the time of follow routes, import tracks or create routes.

Garmin is fully aware of this and for this reason with the Edge 830 has greatly simplified the functions related to these aspects.

We can now import routes directly from Strava. Simply pair the Garmin Connect account with the Strava account.

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You can directly import routes with synchronization between Strava and Garmin Connect

In addition, you can easily import and with a simple copy & paste any GPX or TCX file without having to go through other platforms.

In addition, the device's own functionality improves significantly and the user has the option to create paths without having to connect the Garmin to any computer.

Option is offered create custom routes. To do them you can select different geographical points of interest and condition the route based on your interests. If you practice road cycling you can disable the passage on highways and main roads (I recommend it) and discard gravel roads or unpaved roads. In case of practicing gravel or MTB you are likely to do the exact opposite.

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Now you can discard variables in your journey such as highways or dirt roads

In short, Garmin has clearly opted for comfort and the great appeal of this device is under my point of view in all this dynamic and intuitive navigation. Remember that you can buy a Garmin Edge 830 on Amazon through the following link.

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