News : Garmin Forerunner 55, Analysis of the characteristics, Offers and Opinions

News : Garmin Forerunner 55, Analysis of the characteristics, Offers and Opinions

garmin forerunner 55 features and opinions

Garmin has just launched the new version of its gps watch that until today was considered a beginner or basic, the Garmin Forerunner 55.

Two years after the launch of the Forerunner 45 model, the Swiss-American manufacturer already has a successor, a completely renewed product that remains relatively inexpensive and greatly improves its performance with innovations that until now we only saw in products of the medium / high range of the forerunner .


For its new Forerunner 55 watch, Garmin sets the same introductory price as the previous model, that is, € 199.99. Quite a reasonable price for such a complete watch. The price of the Forerunner 45 drops to € 149.99, a considerable saving for people who are not interested in the news of the Forerunner 55 that we present below. Let’s go to trouble!

Dimensions and Models

The Garmin Forerunner 55 It is only available in one model, so there are no two different versions, such as an S version or a version with music. Unlike the previous model, which was available in 2 case sizes (39.5 and 42mm), this one is only offered in one size (42mm). Fits 126-203mm wrist circumference. The dimensions are 42 x 42 x 11.6mm against the 51mm diameter of the larger watches and 15mm thick. We have a 1 ″ (26.3 mm) diameter screen for a screen resolution of 208 × 208 pixels. By way of comparison, high-end watches have a resolution of 280 × 280 pixels and 1.4 ”.

The watch features a similar design to the Forerunner 45, with a compact case, reinforced glass, and a 20mm wide silicone strap that can be changed without tools. It has 5 buttons. The watch is available in 4 colors: black, white, gray and turquoise.

The Forerunner 55’s reinforced glass screen is color, non-touch, and visible even in direct sunlight.

Among the new features, it is now possible to download widgets, data fields and applications through Garmin Connect IQ as the other watches in the series already do. The watch now displays up to 4 data fields (instead of 3) and up to 4 customizable data screens. In addition, the interface is improved with revisited and more complete screens.

Sensors and autonomy

The Garmin Forerunner 55 is equipped with a 3rd generation optical wrist heart rate monitor. This sensor displays your heart rate with LED lights that illuminate across your skin to measure changes in light as a result of blood flow through your vessels and capillaries. The frequency in the measurement increases as the device detects a greater movement, such as walking or running. The following information is provided from the device’s heart rate screen:

  • Last displayed or current heart rate
  • Average resting heart rate

The watch also has an accelerometer that is used to count the number of steps and evaluate the distance traveled in the gym. We can add to this model external sensors compatible with ANT + or Bluetooth (cardio belt, footpod, cadence and speed sensors for the bike) but without a power sensor.

Garmin makes this model much more autonomous than the above reaching 20 hours in GPS mode and 14 days with the watch connected, Practically double!

New functions:

Although it can be considered Garmin’s basic product, this device takes a qualitative leap by proposing new metrics and data to the service of runners.

The Garmin forerunner 55 adds new sport profiles and features already present on mid / high-end models. New profiles include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Pilates, Track Running, Pool Swimming, and Virtual Running.

The Forerunner 55 has sophisticated features to satisfy a number of runners, particularly scheduling workouts, including interval training, estimating VO2max, a race prediction that estimates race time in a 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon based on fitness level Y previous performance, available resources (Body battery) and other metrics.

The Forerunner 55 watch stores up to 200 hours of activity data.

The swimming profile makes the watch attractive for swimming in a pool. This was not the case with the old model. Garmin integrates 10 functions including swim type detection, distance and duration alarms, a rest timer and stopwatch and, of course, swim metrics (distance, number of lengths, number and frequency of movements, calories). The watch can measure the heart rate underwater from the wrist and dive to a depth of 50 meters

The profile of Track race is recent to Garmin. It can be found in the latest watches released in 2021, such as the Forerunner 745 triathlon watch. The FR55 can correct GPS errors by identifying the course after 2 laps and the data is stored for the next workouts. We thus obtain a perfect trace and, consequently, much more precise rhythm calculations.

The profile Virtual Running tea allows running on a treadmill with the exchange of rhythm, heart rate and cadence data between the watch and the application that controls the device.

The function Recovery time, new to this model, it also shows the recommended recovery time before resuming activity

PacePro it’s also an added feature on the Forerunner 55 and an interesting training tool. It allows you to adopt a running pace with a predefined duration goal. The watch calculates the pace to mark along the route, adapting it according to the profile (ascents, descents).

The end time is a new function to estimate the completion time of a race. The watch calculates, based on your physical condition and past workouts, how long it will take you to finish a race of a specified duration.

Finally, the Daily workout tips They offer recommendations for activities to maintain profits. They are established on the basis of previous training and current physical condition.

There are also some other new features like automatic heart rate detection

Health monitoring and activity monitoring functions

The watch offers advanced health and activity tracking, including daily effort and stress tracking, calories burned, number of steps taken, detailed sleep analysis, and physiological age assessment.

The new model also offers hydration monitoring, women’s health monitoring (menstrual cycle, pregnancy monitoring), respiratory rate and relaxation reminders to relax when you are overly stressed.

Summary of news;

  • A case size threshold now (42 x 42 x 11.6mm) instead of 2 (screen size remains unchanged: 1 “and 208 x 208 px)
  • Slightly heavier than Forerunner 45 (37g instead of 32 and 36g)
  • Better autonomy: 20 hours in GPS mode and 14 days on a connected watch versus 12 hours / 7 days
  • New sport profiles: HIIT, Pilates, track running (with automatic correction of the GPS track), virtual running, swimming in pool
  • New sports functions and physiological measurements: recovery time, maximum heart rate, respiratory rate and dedicated widget, configurable lap alerts, finish time, daily training suggestions, PacePro, race predictor (estimated time for a given distance)
  • New outdoor functions: area calculation, moon and sun information, hunting / fishing calendar
  • Comprehensive swimming pool features
  • New health monitoring functions: hydration monitoring, women’s health monitoring (menstrual cycle, pregnancy monitoring), relaxation reminders
  • Access to sunrise and sunset times on the clock
  • An enhancement to the auto pause feature with the introduction of a programmable beat threshold below which recording pauses.
  • Improved widgets with summary data
  • Up to 4 data fields per screen instead of 3
  • Connect IQ to download widgets, apps, and data fields

Opinion and offers

Garmin Forerunner 55 has become a watch for regular runners who don’t need advanced metrics or GPS navigation. More than reasonable price as it is such a complete device, a watch with practically all the functionalities that you can find in mid-range / high-end devices such as the Forerunner 245.

If your main activity is running and, as a complement, from time to time you practice cycling, walking, swimming or indoor sports, this model will be more than enough for you.

And remember that the price of its predecessor, The Forerunner 45 drops to € 149.99.

Garmin Forerunner 45 / G Multisport Watch, Adult, Unisex, Black, L

Taking advantage of the occasion, Garmin has also presented a new device that becomes the spearhead of the range, the Forerunner 945 LTE, a multisport watch with which we can record in a single activity different disciplines such as triathlon and duathlon.

If this new watch stands out for something, it is because of the LTE technology that will allow us to share our activity, a live event and receive even voice messages taking advantage of mobile coverage but without carrying the phone with us. Can you imagine receiving messages of encouragement from your relatives in the middle of the competition?

Although this option requires a monthly subscription of € 7.99, we are convinced that it will not go unnoticed by those looking for added security on their outings. Soon we will talk more in depth about this top of the range that will delight multisport lovers.garmin forerunner 55 features and opinions

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