News : Garmin returns to normal with limitations

News :

Garmin returns to normal with limitations

Garmin returns to normal

It seems Garmin is finally glimpsing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The popular American GPS navigation company suffered a cyberattack at the end of last week that left millions of users in one of the sports soap operas this summer without the possibility of exercising the operation of linking and synchronizing data.

Garmin Connect app froze and cyber criminals asked for up to 10 million euros so that the company could recover normality and all the stored data.

It is unknown exactly if Garmin has negotiated the rescue, but what we can confirm from this Monday is that part of its services also recover a "new normal".

Garmin Connect continues to display the two orange messages that have so angered its users. However, it is now possible to wirelessly sync devices with the mobile app.

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Garmin continues to display the notice to all users who can now sync their activities via bluetooth

Thus direct connection to Strava and Training Peaks is also recovered. Enthusiasts heading the Strava orange tide can now breathe easy. Workouts are automatically re-hung and apparently no pre-attack activities have been missed either. It seems then that after all the affectation will be minimal.

In any case, Garmin maintains the permanent notice and informs through its website that the service may still present problems. It is expected that in the next few hours, normality can be recovered.

¿How to upload activities to Strava without Garmin Connect?

Given what has been seen and what may happen in the near future, it should be kept in mind that activities can be imported into Strava manually.

To do this, simply connect the device (cycle computer or smartwatch) directly via USB with a computer. There we can select in the “Activities” folder the activity that we want to upload.

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With a computer and a USB connection cable we can manually upload all activities
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We simply have to select the relevant session in the "Activities" folder

The system is manual and less comfortable since it forces you to upload training sessions individually and always via USB connection. At the moment there is no synchronization option that allows us to do all this wirelessly and without having to resort to Garmin Connect.

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