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Garmin Swim 2, opinions and offer

Garmin has taken a long time to take over his successful Garmin Swim, a specific swimming watch whose update was expected by many as May water. There are many athletes who practice almost exclusive swimming, and watches like the Forerunner 945, the Phoenix 6 or the Vivoactive 4 overflow their needs and somehow involve throwing money. And that's why it's worth giving this Swim 2 a spin, which comes loaded with new tools.

Garmin Swim 2, description and news

If you have come here it is because you are interested in specific functionalities and swimming metrics. Here is the compilation of what this boy can do on your wrist while swimming.

  • The interesting thing about this piece (although so does the new Garmin watch series) is that you measure the pulse effectively underwater With the heart rate sensor on the wrist. You can see maximum values, average breaks, real-time registration while swimming, etc.
  • It covers the activity in pool and open water, with distance, rhythm, number of strokes and their type, swimming efficiency (SWOLF)… and in open water, it also specifically measures the speed of the stroke and its distance. Specifically for the pool mode there is another novelty that is the automatic rest function; Automatically tracks rest and swim intervals automatically without pressing buttons.
  • You can also create custom workouts online for free.
  • A novelty are the advanced functions to keep pace or record technique exercises. Within this innovation, the rhythm alerts are highlighted, which facilitate specific training; understanding that the critical swimming speed is close to that of the anaerobic threshold, we can use it as a reference for training and to see how our progression is going.
  • And in the end it is still a smartwatch with smart notifications and the possibility of sharing training on social networks and others. In that sense, he goes a step further and walks parallel to other Garmin watches that are “sport specific” but are still daily watches with activity tracking. So this Swim 2 has 24/7 monitoring, stress monitor, sleep monitor, guided breathing sessions, cycling and running profile ...
  • The materials, finish and quality of the watch improve a lot compared to the previous version. Lens, sensors, color screen, etc.

Features and functionalities Garmin Swim 2

Expected materials have improved, as well as performance and sensors. We go with the specific characteristics and performance of this piece.

Physical characteristics

  • Reinforced glass lens and silicone strap
  • 42 x 42 x 11.4 mm housing
  • 26.3 mm diameter screen, resolution of 208 x 208 pixels in color, transreflective and visible in sunlight
  • It weighs 36 grams, making it a truly wearable watch
  • The autonomy is very dignified: 7 days in clock mode; 13 hours with GPS; Pool mode and FCO up to 72 hours
  • Obviously it is waterproof, 5 ATM
  • The memory is no show but with 50 hours of activity data we will have more than enough time to dump our workouts to a safe place without too much haste
  • Snsores: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Garmin Elevate FC monitor, accelerometer, ANT + compatible

Functionalities of Swim 2

After all, we want to know what we are going to buy, isn't it? Well, we are going to put the cards face up to this specific watch for swimming, which turns out not to be so specific!

  • Smart functions. As I said before Garmin has not left this topic behind in this GPS watch. Compatible with Connect IQ, smart notifications, calendar, smart weather forecast, music control, etc.
  • Theme activity tracking also covered; steps, idle sneak, auto target, sleep monitor, calories, distance traveled, minutes of intensity, True-Up, Move IQ, body battery, stress monitor.
  • As training functionsI find the advanced training sessions, auto lap, manual lap and Training Effect (aerobic and anaerobic) remarkable.
  • And as for the activity tracking, say that you will not be sold to train exclusively swimming, since it has specific profiles for cycling and running outdoors.
  • To end this section I summarize all swimming functionalities (of some we have already spoken) which is what we have come here to.
    • Swimming and open water swimming metrics
    • Arm stroke detection (free, butterfly, arm and back)
    • Exercise Log
    • Basic rest time with repeat activated
    • Automatic rest
    • Alerts for time, distance and pace (only in the pool)
    • Critical swimming speed

Garmin Swim 2, price and offer

The starting price let's say it is prudent, € 249.99 It is not outrageous compared to the price pace that GPS watches have been carrying lately, although the features of this piece are not overflowing either. The truth is that there are already offers if you are considering the purchase, and I would say that it is worth it since its previous version (Garmin Swim) is already quite tanned and it may not be so worth buying it.

Garmin Swim 2 - Smart watch, gray color
Price: € 249.00

Garmin Swim 2, opinions and conclusion

Many times brands are quick to get updates almost without letting even a year go by to continue to fuel the market. In this specific case and as an exception in Garmin they have waited a little longer to update their swimming watch and that means that it is more worthwhile than in other cases to go to the new model.

If we talk about Forerunner 45, 245 and 945 we may think about their predecessors, and even more so if we talk about Vivoactive 4, since Vivoactive 3 is fully functional and competitive today.

Garmin Swim 2 is a watch that swimmers will appreciate, no more no less. The reason is that it is designed for that, for swimming, and specific tools always make things easier. The rest of GPS watches that you can find in the market may be more uncomfortable or less complete when it comes to training and obtaining specific data of your sessions.

If I have to look for a worthy rival among the competition I would go to Polar Vantage M for features and price, although we are talking about a multisport watch.

The conclusion is therefore positive and I like that there is specificity within a market in which more and more we find watches that try to monopolize the more tools better, and we end up having a hodgepodge of functionalities that we will not end up using in life in many cases. Long live the focus!

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