News : Germany – Romania live – 4: 2! U21 national team defeated strong Romanians

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Germany - Romania live - 4: 2! U21 national team defeated strong Romanians

Germany's U21 footballers are in the European Championship final for the second time in a row. The team of coach Stefan Kuntz wrestles in the semifinals of the team from Romania and can defend the title as the first DFB-U21.

Germany - Romania 4: 2 (1: 2)

Germany: 1 Nübel - 3 Klostermann, 4 Tah, 5 Baumgartl, 14 Mittelstädt - 19 Neuhaus (from 79th Nmecha), 6 Eggestein (from 89th Maier), 7 Öztunali - 10 Waldschmidt, 8 Dahoud (from 90. + 4 Koch), 18 amiri.
Romania: 1 I. Radu - 6 Manea, 5 Nedelcearu, 4 Pascanu, 3 Stefan - 21 Baluta, 17 Cicaldau (from 69. Ciobanu), 8 Man, 10 Hagi, 19 Ivan (from 55. Coman) - 9 Puscas (from 87. Petre).

Gates: 1: 0 Amiri (21st), 1: 1 Puscas (26th, FE), 1: 2 Puscas (44.), 2: 2 Waldschmidt (51, FE), 3: 2 Waldschmidt (90th), 4: 2 Amiri (90. + 4)

Conclusion: The dream of the next title coup continues: Germany's junior footballers have fought one after the other in a heat duel against strong Romanians in their second European Championship final and are thus only one step away from the first successful title defense of a German U21 , In a heated and intense game, the DFB-Elf won on Thursday with difficulty thanks to a performance improvement in the second half in Bologna still 4-2 (1: 2) and moved after 1982, 2009 and 2017 for the fourth time in the final. There, the team of coach Stefan Kuntz attacks on Sunday (20.45 clock) for the third title.

UPDATE 22:56: The German opponent in the final is called Spain. The Iberians sat down to 0: 1 deficit still confidently by 4: 1 against France. The finale will take place on Sunday at 20.45 clock (in the live ticker at FOCUS Online) in Udine.

Out, out, out! Germany turns the game deservedly in the second half and is in the final of the U21 European Championship!

90th minute + 5: The last seconds are running ...

90.Minute + 4: Tooor for Germany! Amiri circled the leather in this free-kick into goalkeeping for 4: 2, this is the final ticket!

90th minute + 2: Free kick for Germany and red card for Pascanu! Nmecha is through and the Romanian just pulls on the jersey too long - correct decision.

90th minute + 1: Germany is about to move into the final, but the Romanians will now throw everything forward again ...

90th minute: There is five minutes extra time.

90th Minute: Tooor for Germany! Luca Waldschmidt finds the gap in the wall and pushes the leather with the help of the inner post into the gate to 3: 2! Is this the gate to the final?

89th minute: Pascanu stops Nmecha just before the edge of the box, sees it yellow. Eggestein leaves the field, it comes Arne Maier.

87th minute: Change with the Romanians, for the double scorer Puscas now comes Petre.

86th minute: This is not possible! Nmecha receives the ball in the penalty area, it's supposed to be a banger, but the joker pulls the leather to the seventh floor - so a chance does not come back so quickly.

85th Minute: Nübel is here! He storms out of the box and steals the rushing Puscas near the goal line the leather.

83 minutes: Almost the 3: 2 for Germany! The Kuntz troupe plays straight into the Romanian penalty area, where Amiri cleverly crosses, but in the middle Waldschmidt does not hit the leather properly with the weak foot.

82nd minute: Since the newly substitute Nmecha is the first time on the ball, he spotted directly Dahoud in the Central, whose shot goes over the crossbeam.

79th minute: The last cooling break of the regular season is on, Stefan Kuntz changes directly in parallel. For Neuhaus comes Nmecha.

77th minute: The DFB team controls the ball and lets it circulate safely, while the thousands of Romanian fans shout loud cheers for their men.

74th minute: Germany is closer to the leadership here than the alleged underdog, you have to keep that clear here. Now any mistake can make this semi-final.

71st minute: Waldschmidt very fine feet, he schnibbelt the leather on the long corner - just over!

69th minute: While Ciobanu come on for Romania for Cicaldau, the pace in this game is picking up again.

66th minute: The DFB team is much more dangerous and dangerous in front of the goal than in the first half. Neuhaus dares once, but shoots the leather but just past the box.

63rd minute: Drinking break in Bologna. At the moment it seems that the Romanians are more concerned with the temperatures than the Germans.

57th minute: The quick equalizer after the break has provided the DFB-U21 neat tailwind, the game now looks much more organized and dangerous. A header from Baumgartl for a corner from the right goes over it.

55th minute: For the ailing Ivan it does not go on with the Romanians, it comes into play Coman.

53 minutes: And almost directly the renewed leadership for the DFB team, but in the dust a few inches from the gate keeper Radu is the winner against Waldschmidt and Dahoud.

51 minutes: Tooor for Germany! Luca Waldschmidt makes it 2: 2, but with a lot of luck! Radu is on the right shot corner to the right corner of it, but can hold him just as little as Nübel in the first half.

50th minute: penalty for Germany! Hagi is shown the yellow card after a foul on Dahoud.

47th minute: The Romanians come with a lot of steam from the cabin, the Germans get directly back problems. Jonathan Tah can only cope with a tactical foul and sees the yellow card. With that DFB center-backs are now warned.

46 minutes: The ball rolls again!

Germany against Romania, 1: 2 at break

Halftime in Bologna! Germany is against strong Romanians earned 1: 2 behind, although you yourself had taken the lead. The surprise team has more shots on goal, more possession and more elan than the Kuntz troupe. There has to be an increase in performance ...

45th minute + 5: Nübel unbelievable, what a world-class parade! After a cross from the left side Puscas heads towards the lower right corner and Alexander Nübel dips out the leather. Even Manuel Neuer would have to applaud on the sofa at home!

45th minute + 2: How does Germany digest this shock before the break? After all, the team of coach Stefan Kuntz once again comes before the gate, but the surprise semi-finalist is sure.

45th minute: Six minutes will be replayed for the goals, the use of the video umpire and the cooling breaks.

44 minutes: goal for Romania! The dreaded switching game of the underdog is the key to the lead, because Mittelstädt plays a bad pass in midfield, then it goes quickly. Ivan pushes the leather forward, crosses in the middle and Puscas heads indefensible into the long corner - 1: 2.

43 minutes: The tempo lets up more and more in this closing phase ...

39th minute: Given the external conditions, we see an attractive semi-final on par with advantages for the Romanians. After all, the DFB team bites back into this game.

35th minute: Neuhaus serves on the right side Öztunali, who puts the ball across the box, Amiri meets the leather but not clean enough. Ivan sees because of his fierce entry against Neuhaus, however, later the yellow card.

33rd minute: Alexander Nübel currently gets more work to do. The German defense has with the emotional appearance of the Romanians currently a big problem. After all, the DFB team once again succeeds in a relief attack, but Waldschmidt is firm.

31 minutes: We see the second cold break and this is just the right time for the German team in this phase!

30th Minute: Nübel saves twice! Baluta takes off from around 30 meters, the Schalke goalkeeper parries brilliantly to the side and can also ward off the extra margin by Hagi.

28 minutes: This goal, the quick compensation seems to have inspired the Romanians. There is suddenly more train, more speed, more confidence to feel. Germany should now survive this phase without damage and free itself quickly.

26th Minute: goal for Romania! Puscas shoots in the corner seen from Nübel left, the Schalke keeper is still tuned, but can not prevent the impact - 1-1.

25 minutes: penalty kick for Romania and yellow card against Baumgartl!

24th minute: Post fortune for Germany - but the fear is not over yet! Baumgartl kicked Hagi in front of the shot on goal, which clapped to the aluminum. Now the referee checks the action on the video images ...

21 minutes: Tooor for Germany! In his first European Championship match from the start, Nadiem Amiri marches through the Romanian midfield and completes with a massive low shot to 1: 0.

19 minutes: The first real shot on goal of the game comes from the German team, Levin Öztunali a heart from middle distance - Radu parried safely.

17th minute: There is the first cold break in Bologna, for a few minutes both teams can now recover from the heat.

14th minute: Now a relief attack of the Kuntz troupe, structured and considered this is not yet. The Romanians have been more purposeful so far.

13 minutes: Germany comes under pressure in this phase, hardly comes out of its own half. Puscas also called for a penalty after a duel with Tah, but that was too little for a penalty.

11th minute: First corner for Romania and directly it will be dangerous! Germany can free itself but first on the ranks it is of course for the first time really loud.

8th minute: Beautiful attack of the Germans on the right side, Öztunali in a double pass with Klostermann, the Mainz comes in the end to the conclusion, but his shot is blocked in the penalty area.

7th minute: First offensive action of the German team, but Dahoud is offside.

6th minute: For the first time DFB keeper Alexander Nübel enters the game, a cross from the left defensive side, but he can catch easily.

3rd minute: In the hot temperatures is not a high pace in this game, in which the German team has more possession initially. But it can already be seen that the Romanians are counting on their quick counterattacks.

1 minute: kick-off, in Bologna, the ball rolls in the first semifinal of the U21 European Championship 2019!

Germany against Romania: shooting star judge on the bench

17.55: The teams enter the field. After the hymns you can start!

17:51: The role of favorite is clearly distributed on paper, but on the pitch there should be a duel at eye level. In any case, the Romanians are clearly in the majority.

17:29: In about half an hour in Bologna rolls the ball between Germany and Romania. It will be a true heat battle, on the lawn temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius prevail.

16:56: Stefan Kuntz changed his starting eleven in the European Championship semi-final against Romania in two positions. For the suspended fullback Benjamin Henrichs moves as expected Maximilian Mittelstädt in the starting lineup, for the last ailing Marco Richter plays for the first time in this tournament on the left offensive side Nadiem Amiri from the start. Captain Jonathan Tah has been fit for the match on Thursday night in Bologna after his thigh problem and plays in central defense alongside Timo Baumgartl.

16.30 o'clock: Germany's U21 footballers are ready for the first knockout duel. With team spirit and mentality, the team of Stefan Kuntz wants to throw the surprise team Romania out of the tournament and make the third European Championship final of a German U21 perfect. "It will be a very, very difficult task," said Kuntz before the semi-final on Thursday (18.00) in Bologna. "You do not often get a game where players can grow and develop."

Although France and Spain meet in the other semi-finals, Kuntz does not consider Romania the simplest opponent. "We have great respect, they play very unorthodox," said the 56-year-old. For Maximilian Eggestein, who only ran aground for Germany in the U20, the tournament experience with the DFB-Elf is a special one. "The feeling of playing for his country fills us with pride," he said. "It would be a very emotional event for everyone if we could make it to the final."

Germany vs. Romania: The most important information about the U21 semi-final

Staff: Coach Kuntz has to change his starting team one way or the other. Fullback Benjamin Henrichs is missing after his second yellow card blocked, for him should run up the Berlin Maximilian Mittelstädt. Kuntz wants to wait for the recently injured Marco Richter and captain Jonathan Tah. The first offensive alternative is the last substitution strong Nadiem Amiri, candidates for the defense Waldemar Anton or Felix Uduokhai.

Opponent: Romania are in their second European Championship appearance for the first time in the semifinals and is the surprise team of the tournament. The opponent, who moved into the semi-finals with seven points from three games as the first of the preliminary round group C, had "a run" judged Kuntz. "The momentum is obviously on the Romanian side," he said. "We have seen how much quality Romania has and they have a good mix of experienced players and young talents."

Heat: Up to 41 degrees are expected on Thursday in Bologna - an exceptional situation for both teams. "It's the way it is, we have to deal with that," said Maximilian Eggestein. "We have to drink a lot and then bite our teeth." Kuntz does not want to take the temperatures as an excuse: "That's not an issue for us, we take the circumstances as they are," he said the day before the game.

Match schedule: In addition to the playful class of his team, Kuntz focuses on two factors: mentality and team spirit. "The game will not be decided at halftime or after 60 minutes," he said. "It will also have something to do with mental strength, who stays with his match plan, who goes over 100 percent to reach the final," The team spirit is a strength of the German U21 anyway. "We are a committed bunch," said Eggestein. "That's always important, especially in such a tournament."


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