News : Germany to resume competition with the public … from the car in a drive-in theater

News :

Germany to resume competition with the public ... from the car in a drive-in theater

Bo Kanda lyricist Lita Baehre, in a file image / European Athletics

Curious formula that the German country has designed in this gradual return to the competition that is expected to be the most bizarre in this atypical summer of 2020. Germany will resume athletics competitions from June 12 and it has devised a system so that the public can also feel a participant in this symbolic return. This is the PSD Bank Flight Night in Dusseldorf, which will bring together prominent German pertigists in a competition that will not take place in a stadium, but in a drive-in. Yes, you have read it correctly.

In true '70s style'

Spectators will be able to witness the ‘show’ either from inside their vehicles live or through a screen in true style 70s, when dating became fashionable in these types of locations to see the film in question ... or whatever came up. “By organizing the pole vaults in the drive-in cinema we want to quench our thirst to see a major sporting event in front of the public and at the same time respecting the protection measures against the coronavirus. When athletes jump into the limelight at nightfall, it will be a spectacular event for spectators that has never been seen before, ”said Lars Wismer, D.Live Sports Director.

In addition, the best German pertiguista of the present time, Bo Kanda Lita Baehre, has commented that “Finally! I am looking forward to this first competition after the break. We all know the great atmosphere that the Dusseldorf public transmits. I am sure that this event will be a success due to its special location. I don't think any rigger has jumped into a drive-in movie"

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