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Go for the 5k Record en route

The Ingebrigtsen brothers, in a file image

This coming Wednesday we will experience one of those challenges that will gradually reconcile us to the ‘new normal’ of athletics. After having lived some distance competitions (like the one held by Lavillenie, Duplantis and Kendricks), an important challenge arrives for the most famous brothers in today's athletic world. We are talking about the Ingebrigtsen. Jakob and Henrik return to action in search of the Norwegian National Record of five kilometers en route in possession of Sondre Moem (13:37) since February 17, 2019.

All duly approved

Gjert, father and coach of his three children, has ensured that the circuit (Stavanger, only 15 kilometers north of his hometown, Sandnes) is properly conditioned and approved so that the registration they obtain is clearly legal and accredited by the Norwegian federation.

For security reasons and respecting all the prevailing restrictions in the Scandinavian country in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, the distribution of the athletes will be similar to that normally experienced in a formula 1 grid. There will be groups of six athletes properly placed (a rotation system that could remind us of the Kipchoge INEOS1: 59 Challenge, but obviously without constant entry and exit).

As can be seen in the attached graphic, between each of the six athletes there will be one meter of separation, both laterally and vertically, while between groups there will be five meters of space. Once the first group leaves, the second is placed in the place that was the first and so on. The groups leave every 30 seconds, as the athletic expert comments on social networks @gabyandersen.

No experience in 5k testing

Henrik has not run a test since the 5,000 final of the last Doha World Cup, while for Jakob it will be the first since he won the European Under 20 Championship for the fourth time in his career in Lisbon. Neither of them has ever participated in a 5km road raceBut Henrik did run a 10k last October, skimming the national record (27:54). Both are expected at the next Bislett Games in Oslo, to be held on June 11.

We will continue with expectation this new challenge of one of the families with the most media pull in world athletics.

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