News : goats, cows, no bib or chip

News : goats, cows, no bib or chip

Image of the start of the Olympic trials in Ethiopia

The image that comes to us from the exit of the olympic trials of the ethiopian national team They look like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Horrific. It teleports us to a past that we hardly remember in which there were neither chips, nor electronic controllers, nor streaming.

And it is that some of the best marathoners in the world were looking for their ticket to the Tokyo Games in this qualifying event of 35 kilometers at 2,400 meters high about 20 kilometers from the capital Addis Ababa. Used to running among the ‘luxuries’ of the best marathons in the world, where they are treated like stars (they certainly are), such as Valencia, Boston, Chicago, London or Berlin, the Kitata, Desisa, Girma, Dibaba, Dereje and company they lived an almost daunting situation.

Vaporfly between cars and cattle

In a video shared by athletic expert @gabyandersen on Twitter, you can see how there is a herd of cattle (goats and cows at least), open traffic, a group of people circulating in a disorganized way and a chalk line on the ground. Shod with their Vaporfly, Adidas Adizero Adios Pro, etc., first-class shoes with a high market cost, the athletes go out when a subject who is half a meter from them (we understand a delegate or judge of the Ethiopian Federation) He hits a banner and they try to make room among the crowd.

The victory went to Kitata, with Desisa and Lema completing the podium and the three tickets for Tokyo (Bekele resigned to participate considering that the date was too close to the Games and that he had already won the place in Berlin’19). In the women’s event they will represent Ethiopia Girma, Dibaba and Roza Dereje.

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