News : Gobik cycling clothing – Fall / Winter 2020 Collection

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Gobik cycling clothing - Fall / Winter 2020 Collection

winter gobik cycling clothing

Temperatures go down, winter is coming and one of the most anticipated cycling clothing collections comes from Gobik's hand.

Quality, comfort and support are three elements that together with elegance form the Gobik DNA. A brand that continues to "petar" and shows a winter more like the great reference of the national market.

I leave you with an extensive test of some products from the official catalog of the Murcia brand. Among them some interesting news that will not leave you indifferent!

CX Pro Long Sleeve Jersey

Gobik brings us by the hand of the jersey CX Pro long sleeve a ultralight, tight and very breathable jersey. A garment designed and designed for a perfect fit to the body and achieve maximum aerodynamic performance through an aggressive posture on the bike. For this, in addition to the design, the CX Pro jersey has small details in the finishes That make a difference.

The hidden reverse zipper, the double-sided puller or the back pockets with angular cut are a good example of this. In addition, the waist adjustment It has been significantly improved by expanding the width of the silicone tape. With this small modification Gobik puts an end to the problem of the jersey that tends to rise when we bend the back. Now the CX Pro remains motionless even when we grab the lower handlebar.

Gobik recommends in technical data a range of use of 18 to 25 degrees although personally it would modify the minimum of this interval and leave it in about 8-10 degrees. I have rolled with the CX a Pro jersey at temperatures close to or below 10 degrees and I can assure you that accompanied by a good thermal shirt and a vest does not go cold. For lower temperatures, the Gobik Cobble long jersey or the Gobik Tempest jacket is recommended.

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The Gobik Cx Pro jersey is a perfect combination of elegance and design

The jersey keeps a fairly reasonable resemblance to the Gobik Cobble that we could try another time. The CX pro is somewhat tighter and much finer. If you are looking for functionality, I think Cobble can fit you better while If you are looking for elegance and style, the CX Pro is the best long jersey in the market in this aspect.

Gobik offers the Cx Pro Jersey in 5 colors; Kayan (test), Kodiac, Black Shade and Zion. The price of all of them is 78 euros and the size ranges from 2XS to 2XL. You can find more information on their website.

Obviously such a tight design conditions the potential public and we are not going to deny that it is a jersey designed to advanced users of medium or thin build.

Gobik Plus Vulcano Vest

The ideal complement of the CX Pro and Cobble long jerseys is here. A light and elegant vest thought to cope with the low temperatures of the first hour of the morning or for the days of changing weather.

Made with mesh Mesh fabric on the back is perfect for evacuating sweat. On the front it has a windproof membrane It protects you from the frontal wind and helps you maintain body temperature.

In addition the vest has a double cursor zipper (double sense) which is ideal for optimizing the circulation and internal air flow to avoid the dreaded "sauna" effect. In the mountain passes or at the points where the pace is high you can open the vest, while in the cooler, humid or faster areas the ideal is that you close it thus also benefiting aerodynamics. The double zip system allows you to maneuver more easily and open and close the vest almost without the need to release the handlebar.

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The plus vulcano vest is an ideal complement and I would say that it is practically indispensable for the CX Pro jersey

But if something I would highlight about this product are two things. First the elegance of it. A tight vest that has nothing to do with the "candles" that were marketed in the past and secondly the lightness and minimalist design that Gobik has managed to offer its customers with this product. The vest can be easily folded and in the back pocket of the jersey it hardly takes up space.

Gobik offers the plus vest in all sizes from 2XS to 2XL. The vest is available in two color combinations. The vulcano (test) and the Black Shade. The price of both vests is 50 euros.

For my Gobik, he manages to offer the consumer a versatile, elegant and comfortable product, perfect to always wear as a wild card in the fall and spring months. A practically indispensable complement for those who go out with a long and thin jerseyOn its website you can consult the rest of the technical file.

Absolute 4.0 K10 culotte

In the months of autumn and winter, a good long culotte cannot be missing in the cyclist's closet. He Gobik Absolute 4.0 K10 It is one of the best options in the cycling market. A product designed once again by Gobik with the intention of offering a high performance professional performance. The Absolute 4.0 (the fourth version of it) presents excellent compression, lightness, comfort and thermal insulation qualities In the face of rain and cold.

The culotte without being breaded is quite warm and can be used perfectly from 0ºC. As for finishes, say that the new braces have shifted in the pattern slightly inwards to optimize the grip and ergonomics of the cyclist. The straps are still very thin thus avoiding any kind of discomfort or chafing.

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The Absolute 4.0 K10 is a black culotte, tight and very comfortable

But without a doubt The great attraction of the culotte for me comes with the pad K10. Version 3.0 of 2020 incorporates the EIT Carbonium fabric which, as the name implies, prevents bacteria growth thanks to small carbon threads. Personally I have to say that I have used and washed the culotte several times and for the moment no trace of dirt in the pad. As if this were not enough different densities of the padding They allow perfectly fit the culotte to any type of male anatomy. The new pad is 11mm thick and is designed for maximum performance of up to 8 hours.

The Absolute 4.0 K10 culottes is undoubtedly a great purchase option for all those cyclists looking for a long, tight and durable long culotte with high-end features For those who are looking for something more adjusted, Gobik puts at your disposal the Short culottes limited 4.0 K7.

If you want to buy a Gobik Absolute 4.0 K10 long bib you can do it through your own website. The sale price is 120 euros and as always available in all sizes from 2XS. At the moment Gobik only offers the culotte in the black version.

Gobik Eagle Darkness gloves

With such elegance, finesse and fashion were missing in the market some tight gloves. Gobik once again knows how to interpret this market need as anyone and offers for this autumn-winter the Eagle Darkness gloves. A minimalist product if we compare it with the majority of “billet” gloves that are marketed in the sector and with a firm and non-slip grip that every user looks for in a glove.

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Gobik's Eagle Darkness are thin and elegant gloves

In addition the glove stands out for its very high breathability And it can be used almost all year. The glove although it can be used for the practice of road cycling is ideal for those who practice MTB or Gravel and who are always exposed to falls and scratches on their hands. Despite being a long glove, remember that it is not a thick glove and therefore could not be used as a single glove in the middle of winter. For now it is only available in black and on the official Gobik website you can get Eagle Darkness gloves from 26 euros.

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