News : Golf: Rory McIlroy hits his father in one fell swoop

News : Golf: Rory McIlroy hits his father in one fell swoop

Golf star Rory McIlroy didn’t get off to a good start at the Masters in Augusta, but at least had a curious start. After three bogeys in a row, McIlroy found himself stuck on the seventh hole between two trees and hit wide. He not only missed the track, but hit his own father in the leg.

Gerry McIlroy had actually wanted to watch his son’s performance on the edge of the fairway, but took the whole thing with humor. “I should ask for a signed glove,” he told reporters. He was apparently unharmed.

As a PGA Tour Rory Twitter video shows, Rory McIlroys knew right away how unsuccessful his approach was. When his caddy asked if he had just met his father, McIlroy said, “Yeah!” “I knew it was my father,” McIlroy said. “Probably 30 seconds before it hit him.”

Just two weeks ago, McIlroy caused a sensation with an unsuccessful tee shot when he dumped the ball in a nearby swimming pool in Austin.

McIlroy is waiting for the career grand slam

In Augusta, McIlroy tries for the seventh time to create the career grand slam of the four majors. All four majors have only made five golfers so far: Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. With the exception of the Masters, McIlroy has won everyone, his best placement in Augusta out of twelve participations so far is a fourth place in 2015.

And this year it doesn’t look like a success either, it was McIlroy’s worst start in Augusta. In the end, the former number one landed a total of six bogeys in a 76-round and four over par, placing McIlroy in shared 60th place. After the first day, Englishman Justin Rose is in the lead, with 65 strokes (seven under par) who was able to set himself apart from the competition a little.

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