News : Gómez Noya and a 'meeting of colleagues' of 10k in 30 minutes

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Gómez Noya and a 'meeting of colleagues' of 10k in 30 minutes

Javi Gómez Noya training this Saturday / Manuel Hurtado

Much has been said in recent times about the ability of triathletes to perform in each of the disciplines they must cover. One of those who has marked an era at the Spanish and international level and who wants to continue giving war is Javi Gómez Noya, world champion up to five times and who dreams of reaching the top of the Tokyo Olympics, which would be his third after achieving silver in London 2012 and a fourth place in Beijing 2008. A broken arm while training for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic event in 2016 dashed his hopes of getting a new metal in Brazil.

Triathletes running on fire

As we said, it is not strange to see triathletes of the highest level running practically at the level of the best long distance runners. In this way, for example Mario Mola managed to complete the five kilometers of the French Grand Prix sprint triathlon a few months ago at 1:35 p.m. (2:43 ’/ km). For his part, Gómez Noya has a personal mark of 67:56 in the half marathon; Mola was just a couple of months ago seventh in the Spanish Cros Championship by autonomous communities.

All this comes to the fact that this Saturday Javier Gómez Noya, who continues to refine his set-up after a confinement in which he has suffered the consequences of restrictions like the other athletes, he has run 10 kilometers with ‘colleagues’ in 30: 13: 4. What is the same, he completed this distance with the national athletic trainer Manuel Hurtado and other teammates at 3 ’/ km. Nothing, nothing wrong, no doubt.

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