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Gore Wear 2020 Winter Collection - Product Test

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The cold comes and if a brand stands out above the rest when it comes to making winter clothes for cycling This is without a doubt Gore wear. The great reference of the sector presents us with a new catalog and for this reason I could not miss a good test in which I was able to try some of the best warm clothes to overcome the freezing temperatures and the most extreme weather conditions.

We are going with the most interesting of Gore Wear for this winter.

Gore Wear cycling clothing. Fall / Winter Collection

Gore-Tex C5 Infinium jacket

We start with what is for me in terms of technicality The best cycling jacket on the market. A warm item designed for the recreational and intense practice of road and mountain biking. The Gore-Tex C5 Infinium offers cyclists virtually unprecedented protection and breathability.

The touch (similar to that of a leather jacket) clearly breaks with the current market trend and the truth is that although at the beginning it is a somewhat strange sensation one quickly gets used.

The tight design of the jacket, without becoming slim fit, prevents it from flaming with the wind. Besides, the persistent pearl surface prevents the garment from getting wet by splashing the asphalt. It is a jacket that without being considered waterproof is resistant to light rain. All this without losing a bit of breathability.

During the test I was able to roll with the jacket and an inner shirt and the truth is that no sign of the cold. Although the true winter has not arrived I suspect that with a long thermal and jacket is more than enough to spend the entire winter period without any hurry. I have been fortunate to try many jackets and very few offer the warmth of the Gore-Tex C5 Infinium and this high degree of breathability.

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The Gore C5 Infiniu is surely in terms of technicality the best in the market.

The jacket is sturdy, but nothing comparable to the overly bulky jackets that were sold a few years ago and that looked almost like skiing. For weight fans say that the jacket weighs 420 grams.

Like any specific cycling product, the jacket has three large back pockets They allow you to store your keys, cell phone or some food. The jacket is fully windproof and has a front zipper strategically located to prevent chafing.

On the Gore website you can find the jacket available in three colors. Red, black and fluo and availability covers sizes from S to XXL. Definitely one great option not to be cold on the bike during this winter The price is 249.95 and although it may seem somewhat expensive it is perfectly compensated by the enormous durability of the garment. Buy a good jacket and forget about warm clothes for a few seasons. We just in case we bring you the discount that Amazon already offers in one of the best garments that have been manufactured to date to overcome the harsh winter.

Gore C7 Partial Windstoppper Pro shorts

If I mentioned one of the best cycling jackets on this occasion, I do the same with the Gore C7 Partial Windstopper culotte. A mesh for cycling with a fine laminated Windstoppe fabricr in key areas that protects the athlete's body from cold air.

The culotte incorporates the badana expert road With cup technology that takes care of the comfort and comfort of the cyclist. Gore's highest-end pad is perfect for spending long hours on the saddle.

The product has been designed to cool climates and it has a fairly elastic mesh fabric that adapts really well to the rider's leg. The elastic straps are flat and do not generate any type of discomfort in the part of the shoulders.

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The C7 partial thermo is a perfect culotte for the most unstable days of the year thanks to the protective front layer offered to the cyclist.

To favor the safety of the cyclist, especially those who practice road cycling, the culotte has reflective logos and serigraphs.

But if something would clearly stand out from the Gore C7 Partial Windstopper Culotte is the impermeability offered. This small detail that in temperate or warm countries may seem silly, has great value in cold and wet areas. Rain, splashes or even first-time fog are no longer a problem when it comes to riding comfortably. Cyclists know that there is nothing more annoying than pedaling with cold and wet legs. I take these lines to clarify the impermeability. Despite being a fabric with waterproof parts, it perspires perfectly so nobody imagines an excessively hot culotte.

The C7 Partial Windstopper culotte for now is only available in black and fluo yellow, its price is 199.95 euros and sizes range from S to XXL. The design is slim fit and although it does not squeeze excessively I would recommend that you take a size smaller than the one you normally use since the lower part is quite tight.

We bring you the best discounted price through the following Amazon purchase link.

C5 Gore-Tex ShakeDry 1985 jacket

With the 1985 ShakeDry jacket we present a lightweight, breathable, hard waterproof and windproof fabric jacket (Windstopper). In short, a product that encompasses all those qualities that should be requested from a good cycling jacket and is that it is one of the models with better performance and with greater versatility of the current market.

Gore has made the 1985 ShakeDry to compete and / or train at the highest level And when I first put on the garment, I quickly realized that I was facing a high-end product.

In such a product, small details make a difference and the German brand is perfectly aware of this. It is for this reason that incorporates technical innovations as a neck adjustment by velcro that guarantees ventilation on the one hand and wind protection on the other.

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The 1985 Shakedry is a thin, tight jacket that can be used as a protective garment throughout the year.

In addition, the jacket is tremendously light (139 grams) and is easily compactable in any back pocket so it can even be used as an alternative to a raincoat. It is not a thick jacket at all and it is that it lacks “empalting”, however, as we all know to isolate the cold and the wind, the thickest garment is not always better. The revolutionary membrane design eliminates the outer fabric to prevent the cooling effect.

GoreWear designers are perfectly aware that the jacket is used on days with complicated weather and this usually translates to days of poor visibility. This is why it incorporates logos and reflective silkscreens.

In this case, the German brand has chosen to use a “form-fit” pattern so that the garment fits perfectly well with any profile. The garment is tight but not in excess, which is ideal for a jacket that It can be used at different times of the season. Unlike the previous jacket, the 1985 Gore C5 Shake Dry can be used in other seasons beyond winter and fall.

The jacket is available in three color combinations; fluo / black, red / black, gray / red (test) and in the usual sizes. The price is 299.95 euros although you can already find it on Amazon with a significant discount. If you want a size guide to ensure the shot you can always visit their website.

Gore-Tex Infinium C3 gloves

Tired of sturdy, heavy winter gloves that completely deprive you of your skill in delicate movements? With Gore-Tex Infinium C3 gloves comes the solution to all this.

Perfect 3D preformed gloves to find the Maximum comfort with minimum weight. Gore manages to offer gloves that combine coat and precision. Outer fabric windproof and water resistant It mixes with the velvety lining inside to offer maximum warmth to the athlete.

The gloves are also extremely versatile and I can assure you that beyond cycling you can also use them in hiking, or cross country / mountain skiing.

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The market was missing fine, elegant and tactile gloves.

The glove is also very elastic, so size 8 (test) would be a good measure for a “normal” hand size. The palm of the glove is padded with foam and silicone which protects you from both handlebar vibrations and scratches in the event of a fall or accident.

How could it be otherwise in the times that run the gloves are touch screen compatible and the use of GPS devices for cycling and mobile phones can be done without any problem. In this sense the material is also very well worked.

Gore makes Gore-Tex Infinium C3 gloves available to customers in three colors; fluo (test), black and black / red. Its price is 54.95 euros and you can buy one of the best cycling gloves on the market through the following link.

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