News : Grace, the balance of the 'recordman' Eliud Kipchoge

News :

Grace, the balance of the 'recordman' Eliud Kipchoge

Kipchoge, with his wife Grace Sugut celebrating the Vienna challenge

The perpetual image that comes to us of Kipchoge is that of a haven of peace, that of calm personified, that of not changing his expression one iota and that of an imperturbable and tireless runner. Nicknamed the 'Philosopher' Because of his passion for philosophy books and his profound reflections, the Kenyan managed a few months ago in Vienna (well, almost a year actually) that the human being went down for the first time in the history of the two-hour marathon.

That INEOS 1:59 Challenge that the whole world followed and that turned into a real madness in Kenya, Eliud's native country. The african also holds the World Record of 42,195km (from Berlin 2018) and this coming October he will live a spectacular duel in the reformed (due to the coronavirus crisis) London Marathon.

Ambassador to Kenya

His figure is so iconic in his country that recently President Uhuru Kenyatta has appointed him an ambassador to promote tourism in Kenya. The man who coined the phrase "No human being has limits" now has the task of promoting this branch of the African country. During the act of the appointment of Kipchoge, the ‘recordman’ presented his family to the president in some images that were broadcast live throughout the country from the ‘Masai Mara’ reserve, a paradise of flora and fauna and one of Kenya's treasures.

Grace Sugut, one of the pillars of Kipchoge

The newspaper ‘The Standard’ was chatting with the one who is one of the pillars of the record holder, his wife Grace Sugut. Eliud trains at the Global Communication training camp, just 25 kilometers from his residence, but spends most of the week sleeping in his humble bed and training center facilities to be focused solely on it.

Grace recalls with joy her first meeting with the current marathon world record holder: “I was 19 when I fell in love with Eliud. Look, we were schoolmates and neighbors. My brother Amos was also his best friend. We both adore humility and this brought us together. “After a year we began life together after a solemn and traditional ceremony,” adds Sugut, who shortly after getting married gave birth to the marriage's first-born, Lynne, now 13 years old. Then came Griffin (9) and Gordon (7). Although many may believe that Grace lives like most elite athletes' wives in the world, surrounded by luxury and wealth, in this case it is the opposite.

A week for Eliud's wife is a challenge. She attends to the family's business interests (they have a farm), real estate, raises livestock and poultry, all without overlooking the fact that she is the partner of one of the most media figures in the African country.

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