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Guar gum: the definitive food to satisfy hunger

guar gum which is slimming

The guar gum It has been one of the most used plants in Indian culture for years to make certain food dishes. In fact, the Asian country is the largest producer in the world and its arrival in Europe seems to come alive thanks to its connection with the world of fitness and healthy eating. The guar gum is one of the star products when it comes to satisfy hunger and is often used in diets to lose weight how thickener of certain foods.

What is guar gum and what is it for?

As the guar gum It is a polysaccharide found in the seed of the Cyamoposis tetragonoloba plant, also popularly known as guar or guar gum. This polysaccharide that grows in the driest areas of India and Pakistan is soluble in water and it is used in the food industry as thickener in jellies, cheeses, parlors, ice creams or other pastry products. Guar gum is also sold individually as complement.

The flour obtained through the seed has a great absorption capacity. Guar gum absorbs water and once in the stomach increases its volume, thus promoting Feeling full. Guar gum is often used by athletes and people in the fitness field in periods of muscle definition in which an important caloric restriction appears. Colloquially we can say that guar gum fills your stomach more and helps eliminate feeling of appetite constant.

The guar gum that is marketed as a supplement and that you can buy below, has no taste or smell. It is a fiber that simply acts as a neutral value that can be mix with lots of food.

Also, fiber delays the absorption of nutrients, thus reducing their glycemic index and moderating the body's response at the insulin level (it is also used for certain diabetes profiles). This slower absorption It also prevents lipids from accumulating so easily in the tissue, so in a way it can also serve to stabilize blood cholesterol levels.

Guar gum is totally safe for human consumption, however a responsible intake is recommended. Excessive consumption of guar gum can trigger flatulence, bloating excessive or even obstructions in certain parts of the intestine and stomach.

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Rice and other foods also have a satiating component

Guar gum benefits

After analyzing the application and the basic characteristics of the guar gum It is time to make a list of its main benefits for the body. If you use both the guar gum for weight loss It will be for some reason, right?

  • Guar gum produces Feeling full and with it it is easier to feel "full" with a limited calorie intake. When the flour absorbs liquid it automatically increases its volume.
  • Regulates insulin levels. Guar gum slows down the absorption of nutrients, lowers the glycemic index and benefits regular insulin levels. It is used as a supplement for certain types of diabetes
  • Guar gum is a powerful thickener It helps increase the density of certain foods such as cheeses, yogurts or pasta.
  • It is a flour that as it is marketed it has no taste or smell. For this reason it is perfect to mix with other foods without having to alter the product.
  • Being a fiber it helps eliminate toxins, to improve intestinal transit and reduce fat and glucose absorption.
  • A responsible intake of guar gum helps reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Provides a juicier texture to food and it substitutes gluten in some celiac pastry products.

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Guar gum in food

Such and commented at the beginning of the publication Guar gum is found in foods like pizzas, cheeses, jellies, sauces, pasta or other pastry products. In addition, it can be purchased individually and added homemade to certain food dishes.

Guar gum can be mixed, for example, with fresh beaten cheese, eggs, yogurts or even with pizza dough.

In the pastry field, you can add guar gum in cookies, cakes or bread. After all, guar gum does not stop being a flour that is capable of absorbing a large amount of liquid and increasing its volume.

Buy guar gum

You can buy guar gum in herbalists, sports nutrition stores and other specialty dietary stores. Sold in powder and tablet form.

Personally I recommend that you take a look at this guar gum from HSN Foods that they have available at a very good price in Amazon. The product is sold in powder form and is totally suitable for vegans and has neither lactose nor gluten. You have a dose of 150 grams, 0.5 kilos and 1 kilo available.

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